Why Is B2B Massage Such A Popular Massage Therapy To Get?

Why Is B2B Massage Such A Popular Massage Therapy To Get?

Asian erotic massage therapy is highly popular in London, with trendy new massage parlours popping up in every corner of the city, offering spine-tingling and relaxing services to local men and visitors alike. One of the most sought after massage styles is our body to body sexy massage service, which is an intimate experience that can be combined with services such as happy ending massage or full service massage.

So, what does body to body mean?

Body to body, or B2B as it is often shortened to, is the way in which the masseuse performs different types of services. B2B requires both participants to be fully naked while the masseuse uses the curves of her physique to rub and caress every part of the customer’s body, including your intimate areas. Our beautiful masseuses have been hand selected and are professionally trained in performing massages of this nature, therefore you will have a 5* rated experience that has been branded the best in London. Our massage therapists all hail from the likes of China, Japan and Korea so you always guaranteed to have an authentic oriental experience if you choose to visit VIP Outcall Massage London parlour. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction, which is why we always appreciate feedback from those who use our services.

What did our clients have to say about our 5* rated B2B styled massages..

Dermott, 55 “Body to body styled massages offer you a whole new level of intimacy that is so much more than physical touching, but an emotional and spiritual one. I initially started to receive erotic massage services purely for sexual satisfaction, however, after a few sessions I discovered the depth of all the benefits a body to body massage can bring you. The close bodily contact between myself and the masseuse allowed me to break down my barriers, something which I have struggled to do for most of my life. My tendency to put up a guard when it came to being intimate is something that ruined many romantic relationships I had in the past, causing them to disperse. However, since receiving body to body massages I have learnt the ways in which two people can be connected without judgement and fear and this has helped me a lot emotionally and physically. It is highly pleasurable for both the body and the mind.”

Ricky, 32 “I have an extremely high threshold when it comes to sexual pleasure, which is very difficult as it often puts me off from being intimate with my partner as I feel as if I have to fake my enjoyment. I decided to start having regular body to body massages at my local Asian erotic massage parlour, with the permission of my partner, to help sort out my problem. I was shocked at how the slow and intimate nature of the body to body erotic massage style I chose helped me to feel at one with my body and experience the pleasure that I had been missing out on for years. The tantric elements of the session relaxed me and taught me to appreciate every tiny caress and stroke. Instead of waiting for the ultimate orgasmic feeling, I enjoyed it from start to finish without any expectations, therefore when I did reach climax it felt much more intense.  For anyone who may struggle with the same problem as me or issues such as performance or erectile dysfunction, I highly recommend body to body massage therapy.”

Ray, 24 “Body to body styled massage therapy is highly pleasurable and satisfying, especially if you are seeking a stress-free and relaxing time out from the hectic nature of everyday life. Due to my high paced, busy schedule and career, I often become inundated with work and find it difficult to make time for myself. This lack of timeout has had a huge effect on my anxiety levels, personal relationships and also my relationship with myself. Luckily with body to body massage therapy, I have found a way to release all my physical and emotional tension in a re-energising way that also settles me down at the same time.”
Our massage parlours in Central London are open daily from 10 am until 3 am, offering an extensive list of exciting and unique b2b massage London which are available for both incall and outcall. You can contact us via SMS, email and landline with any questions or queries you may have regarding our services, or to book an appointment.


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