Why Body To Body Massage Is Taking The Massaging World By Storm!

Why Body To Body Massage Is Taking The Massaging World By Storm!

Massage and intimacy are up there with life’s biggest pleasures, so when you combine the two together it creates something incredibly special. This is exactly what body to body (B2B) is, so there’s no surprise it’s taking the massaging world by storm. Move over Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage – there is a new bodywork in town!

Where did these B2B massage London services begin?

Body to body massage has been practiced for centuries, but it only made its way to the UK in the 1950s. During this period, the British government decided to pose stricter laws on the selling of sex. Due to this, many ‘lady’s of the nights’ feared they would lose their livelihood and with the demand for the sex industry still high, many of the girls looked for new ways to sell their services. A loophole was found. The Asian girls working in the city introduced the Europeans to body to body massage, which meant the girls could offer massage with the extra sensual elements (as what goes on after a massage between two consensual adults is totally legal). The girls underwent extensive training in the art of massage, seduction and Tantra, which made them highly-skilled B2B masseuses. Body to body massage proved super popular in England, with it continuing to flourish day by day.

Why is it so popular?

If we listed all of the reasons why body to body massage is so popular, we certainly would be here all day – so here are some of the biggest reasons it’s taking the massaging world by storm.

You’re always guaranteed a smoking hot masseuse

As a body to body massage is very sexual, it’s always performed with both parties completely naked (unless the client requests otherwise) due to this, B2B masseuses are always extremely hot and probably will have the best body you have EVER seen. As the bodywork involves a lot of sliding and grinding over the receiver’s physique, it’s obligatory the masseuse has curves in all of the right places. They boast bums that are easily mistaken for Kim Kardashian’s and boobs that are sure to rival some of the world’s biggest pornstars. You’re guaranteed to feel like all of your dreams have come true before the massage has even started.


You get to opt for incall or outcall (at all hours!)

It’s not just the masseuses which are flexible when it comes to body to body massage, the service hours are completely flexible too. Most parlours open in the morning and close in the early hours, while some are even open 24 hours a day. The therapists also offer their clients the option between incall and outcall too, meaning you can enjoy the euphoric strokes of B2B massage wherever and whenever you like. So if you want to get jiggy with a girl for breakfast, get cheeky on your lunch break or want to end your day with a bang (literally!) then body to body massage has your name written all over it.

You get the choice of services

Of course, all body to body massage sessions comprise of a sexy full body massage but what comes next is eliminating up to the client. B2B masseuses recognise that clients have different preferences when it comes to what gets them hot under the covers. Therefore, clients are always given the choice between the happy ending and full service package. Happy ending is perfect for B2B newbies, who may feel a little nervous about their first-time session with the service offering clients a sweet vanilla hand-relief as part of the sexy session. However, for those who thrive off fifth-gear exhilaration they should probably opt for the full service – which includes the delicious elements of oral and penetration too. B2B masseuses are always open to extras such as French kissing, prostate massage and roleplay – so if you have something super sensual you’ve always wanted to try then a body to body massage is a great place to start.

It takes away all of your stresses

Okay, so we all know massage is great for stress relief – but when it’s added with the sexy bits of B2B the stress relief only grows stronger. Sexperts have found that stress mainly builds in the erogenous zones and to flush it out, techniques have to be performed on the most intimate areas of the body. Feeling the masseuse trail her dainty fingertips and voluptuous lips towards your manhood will stimulate the most powerful orgasm of your life, and make you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and 10 years younger. It really doesn’t get much better.

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