10 Reasons You Should Get A Body To Body Massage Next!

10 Reasons You Should Get A Body To Body Massage Next!

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! – A body to body massage is the next level of erotic pleasure and to anyone who is yet to try one, read on to discover TEN clear and concise reasons getting a body to body massage next will be the best decision you ever make.

1. A body to body massage is fully NAKED.

If you were looking to get a sensual sexy massage, a body to body massage pulls out all the stops with you and your masseuse stripping down to your birthday suits. The masseuse will cover her body in specialist massage oils which will provide the perfect base coat for a silky, slippery body on body contact: enabling the masseuse to graze up and down your trembling naked flame, applying pressure on areas that need unknotting that are stressed or tense. The warmth of the masseuse’s naked body will quickly bring your body to a calm temperature allowing you to enjoy your massage.


2. The human touch has been medically proven to minimise depression.

Skin on skin contact is incredibly beneficial to a human’s mental health. It has been clinically proven that extended periods going without human touch can cause massive problems for general morale, confidence and happiness. Studies have proven that skin on skin contact can boost the immune system, improve confidence and minimise depression and anxiety.


3. You will learn more about yourself and your individual desires with a body to body massage.

Getting a body to body massage is a fail-proof way to get to know your body. Getting a body to body massage opens you up sexually to lose your inhibitions allowing your natural libido to come to the forefront. Receiving a body to body massage with a happy ending can be the perfect combination to improve your stamina and increase the power of your orgasms.


4. It’s incredibly sexy!

Now you might think this goes without saying but getting a body to body massage is one of the sexiest erotic massage styles to choose from. After undressing both you and herself the masseuse will slowly and carefully douse herself in sensual aromatic oils, before climbing on top of you and performing a sensual display; allowing you to take in her fully naked body, rubbing her ample cleavage and firm buttocks all over you in varied pressures and speeds. Going to a trained body to body masseuse will ensure the sexiest massage experience of your life.

5. It’s good for you!

The beneficial impact of a body to body massage is not something worth dismissing. By giving your full body- from head to toe- a massage, your masseuse inadvertently increases the blood flow around the body, which helps digestion, blood pressure and swelling. If you have issues with your circulation or blood pressure, a body to body massage can be the answer to your prayers. Equally, a body to body massage can massively improve low sex drive and improve stamina for those that suffer from early ejaculation through edging techniques.


6. A money-savvy choice.

Despite its high satisfaction rate and general all round benefits, body to body remains one of the most in-expensive massage styles on the market. Unlike more expensive styles such as Japanese Nuru and Four hands, body to body massage does not require incredibly expensive gels, or multiple masseuses, meaning that it is on the lower bracket of price. Typically, in London you can get an hour long body to body massage with a happy ending for as little as £130.


7. The perfect stress buster.

A good body to body massage will give full body stress relief, relieving every tightened muscle and releasing any knots of stress that have grown on the surface of the body. A professional body to body masseuse will employ a range of specialist techniques and body manipulation- using every part of her body to relieve you of negative energy and distractions. By the end of your body to body massage you will be so relaxed and calm that all your stresses and worries will melt away.

8. The UK is the body to body massage Mecca!

Contrary to popular belief, it is not in fact Thailand or China that is the home of all the best erotic massages. In fact, a worldwide anonymous survey revealed that the UK (for body to body massage) was the best country in the world to receive one. The UK is home to now, what is considered the most pleasurable and authentic body to body massage service in the world. So if you are in the UK, you really don’t want to miss this.


9. It’s not cheating!

If you are a married man, if you are committed in some way to a woman, receiving a body to body massage does not break any of these vows or any promises of monogamy you have placed on your relationship.  Although there is the option of getting a full service package (which would include sex and oral) receiving a body to body massage with a happy ending means you can have all the fun without the divorce papers! Win, win right?


10. Celebrity endorsement.

Many respectable public figures have openly discussed the benefits they have experienced from getting a British body to body massage.  Public personalities such as D*vid B*ckham, St*ng and Bollywood star S*niel Sh*tty all enjoy body to body massages in London.


If what you have read has got you interested in booking a cheap body to body massage in London then you can email or call us. The Asian masseuse that you choose, will make it a massage to remember!

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