6 Unusual Things About A Naked Body To Body Massage

6 Unusual Things About A Naked Body To Body Massage

What’s the first thing that comes into your head when you think of a naked body to body massage? A massage with bodily contact which sounds like any other massage? Or perhaps you’re savvier when it comes to oriental massage and you know that it’s a very erotic body rub. You might imagine an exquisite Asian girl with soft hands rubbing massage oil all over your bare body and every now and again, she’ll rub her breasts against your shoulders.

Whether you think a naked body to body massage is a traditional body rub, tender loving or something cheekier, here are five of the most unusual things about this Asian massage.

1. The masseuse will use her body to massage yours

That’s right. During a naked body to body massage, the masseuse will use more than just her hands to massage. She will use her whole body to stimulate yours, using her soft curves and bodyweight to promote pleasure and relaxation. A b2b session produces a whole new world of intense sensations than your average massage. You can feel every inch of the therapist’s soft, warm skin – all her nooks and crannies pressed against you. It’s a unique way of massaging indeed!

2. Both you and the therapist are usually naked

Most traditional massages require you to be naked so the therapist can stimulate your whole body and the oil doesn’t stain your clothes. However, during a b2b massage, the masseuse will join you. This is because she’ll use her body to massage you and total bare skin-to-skin contact produces a wider spectrum of sensations than clothed skin. When you’re both naked, she can properly caress and stroke her curvaceous body against yours.

3. Massage oil is fantastic for your skin

Now this doesn’t sound like anything new as all massages use some sort of oil, lotion or gel. However, a naked body to body massage can improve your skin much more than traditional ones can. This is because of its erotic nature – the masseuse can touch more areas of your body such as your sexual areas. During a naked body to body massage, the therapist can ensure that every inch of your body is thoroughly slick with massage oil so there won’t be any dry skin at all.

4. The naked bodily contact is extremely comforting

It’s well-known that touch is very comforting. From a gentle pat on the shoulder to a welcoming hug, touch can feel amazing when you’re feeling down. Massage therapy uses the power of touch to heal, but a naked body to body massage is even more effective as it involves full bodily contact. As well as feeling pleasurable, the feeling of someone’s soft skin pressed against yours can feel incredible if you’ve been feeling particularly alone recently.

5. A naked body to body massage is great for building confidence

Because you are required to be totally naked during this massage (and in the presence of a particularly gorgeous woman), a lot of confidence is needed. You also require a lot of sexual confidence to feel comfortable while a beautiful girl strokes herself against you. Regular b2b sessions will help make your overall performance in the bedroom much better too.

6. A naked body to body massage is one of the best ways to relieve deep stress

Because of the combination of total bodily contact and pleasurable arousal, a naked body to body massage is one of the best ways to reduce chronic stress. Stress affects the body as well as the mind. When you’re stressed, you tend to walk as though something’s tying you down (e.g. hunched back, rounded shoulders etc) because tension exists in places like your back, shoulders and legs. Unlike traditional massages, a body to body masseuse uses her entire bodyweight to press the stress out of your body.

Plus, pleasure is the best way to combat stress. A naked body to body massage is guaranteed to provide you the intense sexual pleasure that’ll blast stress right back to whence it came.

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