The Who, What, Where, When And Why Of Body To Body Massage

The Who, What, Where, When And Why Of Body To Body Massage

Body to body massage is beautiful, bootilicious and always gives you a brilliant time, but just like any other massage it didn’t just spring up out of thin air. Ever wondered where body to body massage came from and just why it’s so popular? Well, allow us to tell you more.

Who created B2B and what is it?

Though many Asian countries claim responsibility for inventing body to body massage, the treatment actually originates from China. Around 1000 years ago, the Chinese started to use body slides to help cure the sick and heal those with an injury. However, during this time many people realised that the body to body contact was not only helping to treat illness but also felt amazing for the receiver too. Erotic massage had long been practised in many parlours in the likes of Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong and decided to experiment with B2B massage with the sexier bits within their salons. It proved to be a big hit with punters and became a prominent massage on many erotic parlour service menus.

Body to body massage involves the therapist and the client being naked (unless the client requests otherwise). To begin, the masseuse will warm oil with their hands before drizzling into the receiver’s bare skin. They’ll start by using their hands to lather the oil into the less sensitive zones including the neck, back and shoulders, before incorporating strokes using their more intimate areas. They’ll then flip the client onto their front and begin to body slide to the erogenous zones. What comes next is totally the choice of the customer. The go-to package is happy ending, which comes with sweet vanilla hand relief to end the body to body massage. However, those with a more daring nature should opt for full service, which provides the delicious elements of oral and intercourse. Whatever option you choose, you’re guaranteed a powerful flurry of orgasms with body to body massage.

Due to the popularity of body to body massage, you can get the sexy service just about anywhere, but it is usually more prominent in busy cities. Take London for example, the bustling city is brimming with erotic massage parlours which offer B2B. The parlours are usually disguised from the public eye, this isn’t because they are illegal, but in fact to respect the privacy of the clients. Due to this, body to body salons are often masked as plush apartments in the heart of the city. Many B2B masseuses also often offer an outcall service, where they offer the massage in the comfort of your own home, hotel or even private space. To book a B2B massage all you have to do is contact the agency on the day you would like the appointment, this is because many salons erase client information so it would be pointless to make a booking in advance.

The beauty of B2B parlours is that they operate at all hours of the day and usually, seven days a week. Masseuses understand that many of their clientele are busy businessmen with hectic schedules and therefore may find it hard to squeeze in a body to body massage in normal opening hours. However, by opening in the morning and closing gone mid-night ensures clients can book B2B to kick-start their day, on their lunch break or after a long day at the office. They really are fully flexible to work around you.

Why should I get a B2B massage?

There are SO many reasons you should try B2B and if we were to list all of them we certainly would be here all day, so let’s just narrow it down to the best.

  • Body to body allows you to play out your wildest fantasies. What other treatment allows you to get hot and steamy under the covers with a stunning girl of your dreams? Due to the nature of their work, B2B therapists are smoking hot and are usually former-models and beauty queens in their native countries. You really will feel like a kid in a candy shop as you get frisky with a B2B goddess.
  • It allows you to de-stress. There are many activities we do to de-stress, maybe we binge-watch our favourite series or take our anger out at the gym. However, nothing comes close to the stress relief body to body massage provides. B2B eliminates the stress hormone cortisol from the body, while studies have also proven orgasm to release oxytocin, which is a vital hormone for uplifting the mood and flushing out stress. Body to body massage really is the full package when it comes to stress relief.
  • It takes away aches and pains. Fed up of paracetamol doing nothing to take away your lingering headache or back pain? Well don’t worry, body to body massage can instantly relieve your niggles. The sensual body glides boost the body’s ‘natural painkiller’ endorphins which blocks the pain signals before they enter the brain. Those who endure chronic pain often seek B2B as an alternative treatment to tablets and medicines.

So, we hope we’ve educated you with everything there is to know about our outcall asian massage b2b London services. So there’s only one thing left for you to do, book one for yourself! Our erotic massage parlour, based in the heart of Marylebone, offers B2B from just £120 for a one hour session. If you’re feeling naughty then call our agency on 07920426076 to find out which saucy girls are working and even arrange your appointment today.



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