Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Sensual Massage

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Sensual Massage

The world of erotic massage therapy is full of enticing mystery, which is often only shared by those ‘in the know’. But while you find yourself on this page, we may as well shed some light on the wonders of the tantalising bodywork. Here are seven things you probably didn’t know about sensual massage…
You have to be over the age of 21
There is a level of maturity expected at an erotic massage parlour, which is why sensual therapists will only attend to gentlemen over the age of 21. If you look underage, then please don’t forget to bring some form of ID to avoid being turned away.
It’s not just for blokes
While sensual massage has been enjoyed by men for centuries, in the last decade there has been a rise in women seeking the soothing treatment. The feminine equivalent of sensual massage is known as a ‘Yoni massage’ and pays focus to a woman’s erogenous zones, which include the clitoris, vulva and even her nipples. Yoni massage is performed by both male and female therapists and usually depends on the client’s preference.

You don’t need to be fully naked
In one sentence, many describe sensual massage as a ‘naked full body massage’. But in actual fact, there’s no need to be fully naked for a sensual massage. We understand that getting fully nude in front of a smoking-hot masseuse for the first time can be slightly daunting, therefore do feel free to undress to your comfort level as the massage progresses. Towels and sheets can work wonders for covering your modesty!
It’s based on spiritual ideologies
The purpose of sensual massage is FAR more than just getting your end away and is actually based on spiritual ideologies dating back to thousands of years ago. Tantra teachings show the male form to be a sacred temple, with the lingam (penis) being the holiest place on a man’s body. With this in mind, females should pay the male form the respect it deserves and one of the ways of doing this is sensual massage. The therapist will begin sweetly caressing the less sensitive areas, before focusing most of her attention on the manhood.
It teaches you self-control
Do you struggle with maintaining sexual stamina or suffer from a penis problem such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction? Well don’t worry, you’re not in the minority – more than 60 per cent of men suffer some kind of penis problem at least once in their life. The beauty of sensual massage is that it teaches you all about self-control, with a particular technique known as edging. It takes years for a therapist to perfect edging, but sensual masseuses sure are experts in the field. Edging involves pleasuring your penis, until you are reaching a point of no return. Just before you enter this point, the therapist will transition her attention to a less sensitive area of the body to delay the orgasm. and repeats the process. Your spine will shake, your pulse will race and your teeth will chatter as the pleasure hugely intensifies, building your whole body and mind into the most euphoric orgasm.
It’s brimming with health benefits
As well as relieving your penis troubles, sensual massage is also super amazing for your health. Many often opt for the soothing treatment to relieve back pains, as an immune system booster and a reliever of symptoms of anxiety and depression.

You can have more than one masseuse

options with sensual massage are endless, which is why the bodywork can be undertaken with not just one, but two gorgeous therapists. Whether you want the therapists to euphorically work their magic in unison or attend to different areas of your body is entirely your choice. But with double the trouble, you get double the benefits – who knew something SO naughty could actually be SO good for you?

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