Why You Should Opt For Sensual Massage To Kick-Start Your Day

Why You Should Opt For Sensual Massage To Kick-Start Your Day

Ah, erotic massage parlours the places which get busy on Saturday nights with horny middle-aged men getting their horny fixes fulfilled. Though erotic parlours may see a surge in clientele in the middle of the night, studies have proven the best time to get a sensual massage is in fact, the morning time. Allow us to tell you why… And learn a little bit more about why our full body sensual massage London service is so popular.

It puts you in a good mood

Let’s be honest, many of us are not morning people. Whether it’s the early start, the cold chill or enduring the grinds of the over-packed tubes it’s easy to be set on the wrong foot on a weekday morning. However, a sensual massage can be all you need to turn your frown upside down before you make your way into work. Not only is having a sensual massage booked in enough to make you fly out of bed, but the massage also stimulates the rush of many happy hormones. Endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin are all released during a sensual massage, which are guaranteed to uplift your mood and motivate you for the rest of the day.  A survey by Health 24 found that 53 per cent of men are more productive after a morning frisk than those who don’t have one.

It relieves your pre-work stresses
Stressed about hitting the deadlines or how your morning meeting is going to pan out? Then don’t bottle it up, opt for a sensual massage instead. When we are stressed, tension builds in all areas of our body including the erogenous zones. The therapists will be able to knead out the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol from the less sensitive areas including the neck, back and shoulders before manoeuvring their way to your manhood. Scientists have also proven that an orgasm is one of the most powerful stress relievers and as sensual massage always guarantees a powerful orgasm it is a no brainer to book the sexy service to kick-start your day.
It counts as your daily exercise
Gym or massage parlour? We know where we’d prefer to be on a weekday morning. The good news is that sensual massage counts as your daily exercise. Massage can shift up to 100 calories in a one hour session and when the sexier bits are added it only gets better. Getting frisky and adventurous with your masseuse gets your pulse racing and your oxygen pumping, which guarantees you a hot sweat for all the right reasons. Studies by Harvard University have proven sex to burn an average of five calories per minute.  You’ll leave the parlour feeling like you have just done the most enjoyable work-out of your life. This also means you won’t have to endure the slogs of the gym after work.

You’ll last longer
The higher the testosterone levels are within the body, the longer you’ll last during a sensual massage, this is because the sex hormone has proven to help with erection strength. The beauty of visiting an erotic massage parlour to kick-start your day is that your testosterone is in its prime in the morning. Let’s be honest, you pay good money for a luxurious sensual massage, therefore the longer you last the more benefits you will absorb from the seductive bodywork. Most erotic massage parlours offer the chance to go twice during a one-hour session.
Kick-start your day the best way with a sensual massage!
Whether you’re a local Londoner or here on business for a few weeks then be sure to book a sensual massage with us here at VIP Outcall Massage London. The good news for you is that all of our masseuses are morning people and love nothing more than being able to kick-start your day with a bang (literally). We have various incall parlours dotted around Central London, so whether you find yourself working in Canary Wharf, Marylebone or Soho we are guaranteed to have a parlour just a short walk away from your office. We can even do outcall to your workspace if you have your own private room! Our Sensual Massage London service is available from just £120 with the happy ending package and £160 with the full service. You’re guaranteed to leave our discreet parlour smiling like a Cheshire cat, ready to tackle whatever your day throws at you. Please call us on 07920426076 to book your morning massage.

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