How To Give Your Girlfriend A Sensual Massage!

How To Give Your Girlfriend A Sensual Massage!

Sensual massages don’t just have to be bought, they can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home with the person you love- all you need to do is read the manual. The clue is in the name when it comes to this style; sensual massages are slow, romantic and incredibly arousing, so patience is key to perfecting this art. Before the massage takes place, be sure to set the mood by lighting some candles and warming the light. Select an area what is best for you (usually the best or floor) and set the area up appropriately. Although incredibly intimate and pleasurable, erotic massages can be intimidating for first-time- goers, so it’s important to reassure your partner beforehand. Have dinner together, drink some wine and take a shower before you begin. All of these are great ways to reconnect on a mental and physical level. All set and ready to go? Well, here are a couple of techniques to get you started:

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1. Head massage

This technique does not involve any oil, so this is a good starting point. A Head massage is extremely relaxing, but they’re also a good way to ease your partner into the massage to come. If your significant other is a little nervous, opening with a head massage is a great way to knead out any pre-existing reservations.

Ask her to lie down on her stomach and place her head on a pillow. If she is unable to lie face down, positioning her head to the side is fine, as long as she alternates between sides a couple of times. Alternatively, if your partner is more comfortable sat upright, it might actually be easier for you.

Begin by gently rubbing her forehead and temples using a circling motion with your thumbs. After a few moments, run your fingers through her hair and apply gentle pressure of the scalp. Massage the top of the head for as long as you wish, but gently kiss her neck and ears towards the end to increase her arousal levels.

2. Back, neck and shoulders

Like all body massages, massaging the back, neck and shoulders is a must. It is one of the most relaxing techniques out there and is great for heating up the moment.

Get her to lie face down and gently apply some warm oil onto her back. Start by using long strokes up and down her back, leaving no area untouched. After several minutes, switch up your technique by kneading the shoulders and the top of the back. Avoid being repetitive and make sure to switch up your techniques, every so often stroking the neck and delving closer to her bum.

3. Bum

The bum is an incredibly erotic area that is easily massaged. Massaging of the buttocks is enjoyable for both you and your girlfriend, and will really start to spice things up and get your girlfriend aroused.

The best way to start is by placing the palms of your hands on the bum and using circular movements to cover all of the skin. Gradually increase the pressure over the course of several minutes and begin to incorporate your fingers and thumbs. Like with the shoulders, knead and massage the buttocks, making sure not to miss any areas of flesh. Want to really heat things up? Try gently kissing the top of her back and up her legs whilst massaging her buttocks. The combination of different sensations will drive her crazy!

4. Breasts

This is where the massage gets turned up a notch and the sexual tension comes to a head. The breasts are erogenous areas on the body, meaning that they are incredibly arousing and sensitive areas on the female body.

The breasts are the target on the bulls eye, so be sure not to rush your aim and keep your eye on the prize. Start by kissing up her body until you reach the neck, and start be gently touching her nipples as your lips brush beneath her ear. Once relaxed, regain eye contact and gently begin to massage the breasts. Start off using gentle strokes, but increase pressure depending on your partner’s reaction. You never know, they might even tell you what they like. Although it might be tempting to get carried away, this technique should remain slow and sensual, rather than aggressive and hard. Gently rub your thumbs over her nipples and slowly begin kissing and sucking them once your partner is completely relaxed. If don’t correctly, your partner will be twitching and shuddering with anticipation by this point.

The rest is up to you
The beauty of practising erotic massages at home is that you’ve got the time to experiment and establish your likes and dislikes. Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life or just want to reconnect with your girlfriend emotionally. a sensual massage London is a sure way to do just that. You never know, if you do it well enough, she just might give you one back.


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