Asian Sensual Massage And The Reasons Why It’s Misconceived

Asian Sensual Massage And The Reasons Why It’s Misconceived

Everyone has had a massage before; I mean, why wouldn’t we? They’re undeniably relaxing and leave us feeling rejuvenated. But how many of us have dove into the kinkier side of massage? Not many- that I’m pretty certain of. But this begs the question: why? I think the answer to that question is relatively simple, as misjudged as it may be. People are apprehensive to explore oriental massage because it is a taboo subject. They’re sleazy; they’re dirty; they’re prostitution with a fancier name. Sound about right? However, this really isn’t the case- far from it, in fact. Asian sensual massage is an erotic style that incorporates pleasure with relaxation. They are both arousing and sexy, but they’re also incredibly spiritual. Not convinced? Well read on and let me show you why.

They have a long, defining history

Massage dates back for thousands of years and has served a purpose across most countries in the world. Around 2,000 years ago in India, specific forms on Asian sensual massage were adapted to include both a spiritual and physical aspect. While massage is traditionally practised in the western world for medicinal purposes, many individuals and couples today are including this erotic teaching into their sex lives.

They’re more complex than you think

Similarly, to traditional styles, Asian sensual massage uses specific massage techniques that are designed to relieve physical tension from the body. A lot of you might be familiar with some of them; such as kneading, stroking and rubbing. However, there are some things that traditional styles do not include, and these are the aspects that separate them from Asian sensual massage. As well as massaging the muscles, sensual masseuses also touch and caress the erogenous areas across the body. If you’re unfamiliar with that term; they’re essentially labyrinths of pleasure. By stimulating sensitive locations across the head, torso, limbs and crotch, participants of Asian sensual massage are thrust into a far deeper state of relaxation. This euphoric sensation is important, because it gives people the opportunity to access and evaluate the deepest corners of their mind. This might not seem particularly significant, but you’re wrong- it is the pivotal feature of this massage.

They’re Therapeutic

Asian sensual massage is misunderstood because it is assumed to be solely sexual. Although erotic play does feature in this style, it is by no means its solitary focus. All massages are therapeutic to a degree, but Asian sensual massage takes it to a whole new level. Accessing that euphoric state of relaxation, we talked about is essential during the practice of Asian sensual massage because it stands as a pathway to a full-body, holistic release. People who seek out massage are often stressed- but why are they? And does it go deeper then they realise? On more occasions than one, the answer is yes. Often, unhappiness, stress and anxiety become repressed in our psyche, meaning it can manifest itself over the course of weeks, years or even decades without detection. This repressed barrier is what impacts our lives; but Asian sensual massage is one of the few methods available to us that can kill the problem at its root. Sensual massage forces people to open up their minds, meaning energies of both the good and bad kind travel to the surface of our thoughts. This exposure makes remedying these issues easier- and this is done so through sexual gratification and positive association. Practitioners of Asian sensual massage often admits to feeling incredibly emotional after a session, and this is often down to the fact that they have tackled some of their deepest fears and come face to face with traumatic memories. However, the repercussions of this self-exposure are unprecedented and are undoubtedly long-lasting.

They’re good for the body

The mind and body are closely linked, which is why if one suffers, the other one usually does too. It’s a vicious domino effect that leaves many of us trapped- but Asian sensual massage can kill that bird with one stone. The massage techniques used during a typical sensual massage increase blood flow in the body, accelerate the production of vital hormones and increase our white blood cell count. This might mean very little to you, but it should- because these are some of the components in the body that keep you healthy. Believe it or not, Asian sensual massages are notorious for their health benefits because they really do make everything work and function better. From common colds, right through to chronic diseases, the practice of Asian sensual massage is both erotic and medicinal.

So, next time you judge a sensual massage, take a minute to read over this post again. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and in this case, you shouldn’t judge a massage by its reputation. Our Full Body Sensual Massage London service might just be what you need to turn yourself around- so don’t knock it before you try it.

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