4 Great Reasons Why You Should Get A Sensual Massage

4 Great Reasons Why You Should Get A Sensual Massage

Sensual massages exist mainly in people’s fantasies- only a few of us turn those dreams into reality. Despite their undeniable benefits, sensual massage is regarded as taboo, which is why most people avoid even reading about them. But why? Why are they taboo? Despite living in an age where sexual exploration is both explored and vocalised, paying for sexual favours is still massively frowned upon. Although sensual massage does fall into the erotic category, and such does incorporate sexual stimulation into its practice; they’re so much more than that. Sensual massage is centred on the idea of touch; a basic human need that is innately instilled into our being. It’s practice is designed to awaken the senses, banish negative chakras (energies) and extend pleasure; and that is exactly what it achieves. Our sensual erotic massage London services are not just sought out by seedy men, they’re experienced by men and women of all ages and sexuality who are searching for a full-body, holistic release. So if you’re ready to explore your spirituality and experience feeling’s sensations and emotions that you’ve never had before- schedule your massage today. They’re worth every single penny, and here’s why:

They’re seriously satisfying

Sensual massage, also known as a Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM) are satisfying for several reasons. Physically, they’re like pleasure on acid- like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Although achieving orgasm is not the aim of the session, most participants find themselves being possessed by full-body, toe-curling pleasure. Orgasms are often described as releases, but how many people can honestly say they’ve felt lighter after an orgasm afterwards? This is because although orgasms are generally easy to come by, whereas holistic releases are not. Have you ever had an orgasm and felt no different afterwards? That’s because you’ve not released your negative chakras- you’re still weighed down by stress and tension. An FBSM orgasm is like no other, it’s incomparable- totally unprecedented. It is the holistic release that you crave, the full-body relief you so desperately If you want to know what true satisfaction feels like, book in for a sensual massage and feel free.

You’ll feel motivated

Stress is heavy, and it can often weigh us down in day to day life. When stress takes a hold of us, it can be consuming and poisonous, and can often lead to depression and anxiety. At this point, motivation is hard to come by- thus having a larger impact on progression and daily performance. Experiencing a FBSM is the ultimate stress-release, and the best way to rediscover your motivation. Endorphins make us happy- happiness gives us more energy- energy gives us more motivation. Does that equation sound appealing to you? In that case, you know what to do.

You’ll sleep like a baby

We all know what it feels like to trudge through life with little sleep. Whether you suffer from chronic insomnia or have trouble switching off now and again; failing to sleep can have serious repercussions. It is unhealthy- both physically and mentally. It is demanding- both physically and mentally. And finally, it is frustrating- both physically and mentally. Sleep is a necessity, but what are you supposed to do if you’ve tried it all? The answer to that is: get a sensual massage. This might seem like an unorthodox method, but studies have proved that Asian massages are closely linked with improved sleeping patterns. At the end of the day, what have you got to lose? Who knows, it might put your right to sleep.

It’ll vastly improve your immune system

Are you one of those unfortunate people that contract every illness going? I know I am- but even if you aren’t, illnesses always catch up with us all in the end. Regular sufferers are often burdened with a weak immune system, which is why every cold, flu or virus passes through them like a conveyor belt. However, there are ways to strengthen your life jacket against the sniffles. Sensual massage uses expert techniques that are designed to increase bodily function and rid the body to waste. Moreover, studies have shown that receiving a sensual massage could actually increase with white blood cell count- your illness-fighting bodyguards. So why don’t you just do yourself a favour by putting down the paracetamol and getting an FBSM instead?

More reasons to get an FBSM:

  • They’re great for the skin
  • They can improve your circulation
  • They can decrease blood pressure
  • They can improve the digestive system
  • Your muscles will feel more agile
  • They boost your confidence
  • They teach you to prolong the pleasure.

As you can see, sensual massage deserves far more credit than it receives. If you think it’s just what you need to give you a boost of confidence or to help you sleep better at night, give it a go and put the theory into action. Find our best offers on Sensual Massage London


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