A Gentleman’s Guide To A Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM)

A Gentleman’s Guide To A Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM)

Sensual and erotic massages are always sexual in nature. How sexually arousing they depend on the mood, situation and massage style. But nevertheless, they are meant to arouse and for the best results, you should go into a full body sensual massage london session with an open mind.

A FBSM is meant to feel good. As humans, our innate instinct is to touch and crave touch. When you’re feeling down, a reassuring pat on the shoulder or a hug can do wonders. If you have a lover, you probably touch them quite a lot, because you love them. And it’s not just towards other humans, you’ll stroke and hug your pets because you care for them. Touch is comforting, represents love and facilitates the creation of bonds. And it just feels good. This is what a FBSM is based on using the power of touch to produce pleasure and satisfaction.

A full body sensual massage can be used during foreplay or purely for a ‘happy ending’. Remember to take your time. The longer the massage, the more sexual tension you can build, the more the pleasure you can prolong and the better the eventual orgasm. Try and aim for at least 30 minutes.

Prepping for a Full Body Sensual Massage

The room should be a comfortable temperature – not so chilly that you’re shivering but not so warm that you’re sweating as both states will detract from the overall pleasure. Try and aim for a nice balance between the two, but perhaps err on the cooler side as the room will heat up as the massage progresses.

Set up the massaging area. You don’t have to have a professional massaging table. You can use the bed, but bear in mind that the oils may drip onto bedding. Many people opt for an air mattress or a roomy floor space that’s been made comfortable with throw blankets and pillows. The area just needs to be roomy enough for the massage to take place.

Think about what you’re going to wear during the massage. Minimal clothing is best for this erotic massage and naked is preferred. Or, you could make a game out of it and remove an item of clothing every few minutes. The point is to peak interest to create maximum sexual titillation.

Lighting should at an appropriate level – dim but bright enough that you can see what you’re doing, yet not so bright that it’s blinding. Remember that the more you can see, the more aroused you’ll get. Try stringing up a few fairy lights and lighting scented candles (but make sure they’re out of the way so you don’t accidentally knock them over).

The choice of massage oil is very important, because oil, among other factors, is as central to a good massage as the Sun is to the Earth’s orbit. Here are some of the most popular types and what they’re good for:

For relaxation:
Lavender (also great scent)

For improving concentration:

For scent:
Ylang ylang
Lemon (also helps with digestion)

For boosting the immune system:
Tea tree

The oil should also be kept warm, so float the bottle in a bowl of hot water. Before applying it to the skin, drizzle some between your hands and rub your palms together. Warm oil feels best on the skin and also opens up the pores so the oil can reach the epidermis and hydrate the skin. Massage oil is wonderfully moisturising, but make sure your partner isn’t allergic.

Getting a small amount of oil in the vagina isn’t a problem for most women, but if she’s susceptible to yeast infections, don’t penetrate her with oiled hands. Keep a wet washcloth on hand so you can quickly clean your hands. Oil on the penis is fine but remember to wipe before penetrating if he/she’s sensitive or you’re using condoms because oil can interfere with rubber.


Build the tension

Start the session with a shower or a bath together. The warm water will prepare your skin for the massage oils. Wash each other slowly and gently, taking care to sensually rub each other’s bodies. After you’ve dried, have your partner lie on their front. Take your time drying yourself and allow them to anticipate the upcoming massage.

Before you start, make sure your partner is comfortable and the temperature and lighting are appropriate. While you massage, you can choose whether or not you want to talk. A little bit of chit chat can help ease the tension, but too much chatter can be distracting. Silence every now and again allows your partner to really revel and relish in the sensation of the massage.

From the feet first

Start at the feet and slowly work your way up. Feet can be ticklish, so apply firm pressure to reduce this. Pay attention to each individual toe and give the insoles an extra rub. If the feet are dry, work even more oil into the skin to hydrate it.

Move onto the legs, but work below the knee first. Focus on each leg individually and ensure that your massage strokes are always firm towards the heart and light when you move away. Pay attention to your partner’s reactions. Firm pressure will hurt and soothe sore muscles, but if this is what they want, then go for it.

Then move up to the upper legs and work them the same way as you did with the lower. Work around the buttocks and circle all strokes around them – you want to tease, excite and slowly build arousal. When you’ve worked on both legs, firmly run the palms of your hands from ankle to just under the buttocks. Then lightly run your fingers across the cheeks.

Because the bum is such a sensual, erotic area, make sure you pay it some extra attention. It’s also the first sexual area you’ve come across so far. Use your full hands here and firmly rub your hands across the rear, both hands mirroring each other across the cheeks. Gently trace your fingers slowly between the cheeks.

As you work up the back, alternate pressure. Follow the path of the muscles, working in an outward semi-circular motion from the spine. Allow your hand to mirror each other and press your palms in when you’re working up but switch to the fingertips as you fan out. Lightly run your fingers down the spine.

Work out where the most tension is carried and pay special attention to them. For most people, it’s commonly the shoulders, the neck and the back. Allow your partner’s reactions to guide you as you want to create maximum relaxation and minimum discomfort. But always remember to work upwards.

When it’s time to flip over, run your hands up their body, ankles to neck, one last time, slide your hands under and turn them over.

Full frontal time

Unlike the back, work down their body as opposed to working up. Gently rub the backs of their ears, down the sides of the neck and shoulders. Work down the arms, working on each individual finger. When it’s time for the breasts, don’t just grab them. Tease and cup while you rub. Gently circle the breasts, slowly moving inwards before swirling your fingers gently across the nipples. Adapt your motions to what your partner likes.

Slowly work down the body. Don’t be in a hurry to get between the legs. Move down the stomach and slide your hand down the legs. Gently trace your fingers up the inner thighs but deliberately ignore the genital area to build arousal. Do this several times and slowly increase the amount of attention to the genital. You want to make them really want it.

The sacred land

By now, you’ve worked on the whole body save for one area, so your partner’s probably quite aroused. If you’re worried about allergic reactions or the risk of yeast infections, switch to lubricant. Don’t be sudden – make sure you’re slow and lingering. Work in gentle circles and vary the pressure. Upward circles are often more arousing. Use your fingers to gently probe and stroke certain areas to really turn your partner on.

Now, the FBSM session can end in whatever way you want. If the plan is to move onto intercourse, then keep massaging and stroking the genital area until your partner is practically begging for it. If you want to finish them off by hand, then maintain this slow tempo. A build-up always results in a more intense and pleasurable orgasm. You can even switch to using your mouth. Try to maintain a constant state of arousal for at least 30 minutes. Pay attention to your partner’s reactions – their breathing, the way they’re moving and any sounds they’re making. If they look like they’re getting close to a climax, stop so the pleasure levels decrease a little. Then repeat.

Bask in the afterglow

If the masseuse is feeling aroused at all, then the partner should do something to them too. A full body sensual massage is very intimate and truly special as it produces a high level of oxytocin – the ‘love hormone’ which is responsible for creating bonds. Take advantage of this by finishing the massage off with another shower together, or simply by cuddling and talking.

Or you could go professional…

If you’re single or you want a truly special experience for your partner, whether together or solo, you could book yourself in for a full body sensual massage London session with one of our professional masseuses. At £130, it’s hard to say no!


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