Sensual Massage London

Do you feel like the workload is piling up? Do you feel as though you’ve simply got too much on your plate and you never have any time for yourself? Perhaps your relationship with your partner has just lost that spark. Well whether it’s a hectic lifestyle or intimacy problems, a sensual massage can fix that.

As humans, we desire intimacy. Touch is a magical thing – it invokes feelings of comfort, warmth, connection and intense pleasure. It’s arguably one of the most necessary components for maintaining mental well-being. At Vip Outcall Massage London, our sensual massages will work to make sure you get the intimacy that you need.

Sensual massages are not just sexual services – they are spiritual experiences. It’s based on the idea that the body possesses a number of energies, which need to be regularly released. Traditional massage types such as shiatsu can liberate some of the energies, but sensual also focuses on releasing sexual tensions. Imagine being totally free of all that pent-up frustration. It’s a blissful feeling, isn’t it? Because sensual massage stimulates the more sexual areas of the body, it takes the experience to a whole new level which isn’t possible with a traditional massage. You can expect to reach an almost meditative state, leaving you deeply relaxed, satisfied and motivated for whatever the day throws at you.

How will a sensual massage make me feel?

Because sensual massages focus on energy release, you may feel them resurface in a variety of different ways – from blocked, subconscious emotions to physical tension. So whether you laugh, cry or feel insanely aroused, don’t worry – it’s just your blocked energies being released. Some people even experience orgasms, and while this is a welcomed response, keep in mind that it’s not the main goal of a sensual massage. But because libido and arousal problems can sometimes be related to high stress and anxiety, the sensual stimulation techniques used can help clients overcome orgasm issues.

What to expect from a sensual massage session?

Sensual massage uses tantric techniques that involve touching of the body, and in most cases, both the client and the masseuse will be naked. At VIP Outcall Massage London, we always put the client’s needs and desires first, so all our services are tailored for each individual customer. Because of this, the sensual massage experience may vary from person to person.

Typically, an incall sensual massage session will begin with a short Tantric ritual, which may involve ethereal music and a shared bath ceremony to relax you. Then, the therapist will begin a relaxing nude full body massage, using light, gentle touches. She’ll move her soft hands, slick with scented oil, slowly down your tingling body before touching your erogenous zones. This will arouse you and send your senses into overdrive. You’ll subconsciously begin to exercise breath control to prevent releasing anything (you know what we mean here!) too soon.

This intense stimulation of the sexual organs is what makes a sensual massage so different. The masseuse will tease and arouse you, constantly bringing you to the pinnacle of arousal and back again until your mind will be completely swimming in desire and lust. When you finally do release, you’ll feel your tensions, worries and stresses melting away. You won’t get this from a traditional massage. Sensual massage blends both muscular pleasure and sexual satisfaction through intimate touch. It’s the ultimate crescendo that will fully relieve your body’s tensions.

    • Sensual body to body contact
  • Choice of a stunning Asian masseuse – pick from Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Sexy full body massage
  • Whole body and mind satisfaction
  • Mental and physical release
  • 1hr + of highly erotic and intimate massage experience
  • Fun-filled happy ending or Full Service

Professional and discreet Sensual massage service

We pride ourselves on being a company that always puts our clients’ and masseuses’ safety and well-being first. All of our therapists are over the age of 18 and have been highly trained in the arts of sensual massage. We are always striving to improve our services and will endeavour to provide the most enjoyable experience for you, but if you are ever unhappy with any of our services, please let us know, and we will be happy to help.

We strongly believe in client confidentiality, so to keep your bookings completely discrete, we will never share your personal or contact details with anyone other than the masseuse. All payments must be made in cash – card payments will not be accepted under any circumstance. Please have the payment ready to give to the masseuse before the session, otherwise, the massage cannot commence. Discounts are available for block bookings, so please contact us first so we can arrange it for you.

Our sensual massages start at £120 an hour. If you would like to make a booking or would like more information, please contact us at 07774368218 or drop us an email by using our contact form, we monitor both 24 hours a day and will respond to you shortly.

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