DIY Sensual Massage- The Best Techniques

DIY Sensual Massage- The Best Techniques

If you’re curious about getting a sensual massage but find it daunting, you’ll be surprised to learn that they have a lot in common with more traditional styles. Think of a sensual massage as a Swedish with a naughty twist- a cocktail of relaxation and pleasure. If it’s something that tickles your fancy but you’re too afraid to approach a masseuse, why not asking your partner to perform one for you? Sensual massages are slow, romantic and erotic, but also use a number of traditional massage techniques to banish tension from the muscles. However, before your dive in headfirst to the naughty part of the massage, here are a few massage tips to get your going:

The Perfect Sensual Massage Techniques

So let’s begin with the most commonly used massage techniques and how to use them properly not only for your own safety but that also of your partner should you be practising your massage skills on them should they be willing.

Cat stroking

This is a great technique to commence your sensual massage with. All you need to do is place your hands at the top of your partners neck and then slowly glide your hands down his back. This technique should be repeated a number of times- just like you would do petting a cat. To really get his arousal levels bubbling, use this technique mid-massage, but direct your hands to the inner thighs, rather than the back.

Circular Stroking

Use this technique on the sides of the body, limbs and back. Using one hand, place the palm face down and gently apply some pressure whilst moving your hand in a circular motion. Simultaneously, use the other hand to complete a half-circle, and repeat this technique for a number of minutes. This circular movement is most effective on large areas of the body, and is said to mirror the ‘wax on, wax off’ movement.

Basic kneading

This is a back massage technique and is often compared to the movement of kneading dough. This method requires a lot of force, so is most effective on fleshy areas of the body such as the buttocks, thighs or the backs of the legs. This deep tissue massage technique is great for getting rid of any tension in the muscles.

Fan Stroking

Considered as one of the easiest techniques, the fan stroke is performed by placing your hands face down on the side of the body and then fanning them out and then back again. This can be used with one hand or with both.

Thumb Stroking

This stroke can be used pretty much anywhere on the body, but is especially effective on places that are prone to tension, such as the neck and the side of the skull. Use your thumbs and an upwards stroking movement and repeat this actions a couple of times. On sensitive areas such as the side of the head, keep the motion quite light. However, feel free to apply extra force on fleshier areas such as the arm.

Static Pressure

This technique is perfect for relieving stubborn pressure in areas like the shoulders, neck, back, feet and various other pressure points. Place your thumbs on the skin and then apply your body weight to them by leaning forward. Do this until you feel the muscles release- it normally takes around 10 seconds.

What areas of the body to touch

• The Head
• The Temples
• The Third eye
• The Facial Bones
• The Lips
• The Shoulder Blades
• The Neck
• The Torso
• The Inner Thighs
• The Ball of the foot
• Where the bladder is
• The soft interior of the elbows
• Behind the knees
• The shoulder wells
• The ears
• The Clavicle
• The Armpit
• The nipples
• The breast bone
• The big toe
• The calves and Achilles tendon
• The buttocks
• The scrotum
• The Perineum
• Anus

So there you have our best techniques for practising your own sensual massage and helping to harness your own skills. however, if you want to experience a professional and 100% authentic outcall sensual massage London then just pick up the phone and scheduled in with a trained stunning Asian masseuse. Its money well spent- trust us!



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