The Five Best Techniques For Giving Your Partner The Perfect Sensual Massage

The Five Best Techniques For Giving Your Partner The Perfect Sensual Massage

Whether an anniversary is coming up or you’re seeking new ways to woo your partner in the bedroom then you cannot go wrong with a sensual massage. The bodywork is super relaxing, soothing and sexy – earning you all the brownie points with your wife or girlfriend. We want to take your sensual massage skills from sweet vanilla to a seductive hot spice.


Here are the five techniques which will help you do that…


1. Set the scene

Women love the attention to detail so it’s important you go above and beyond to set the scene. Remove anything that may be a distraction (phones, laptops etc) and replace with candles and even rose petals, if you’re feeling extra romantic. Scented candles do not only look and smell nice, but they also boast relaxing properties – perfect for getting intimate with your lady. Music can go a long way for aiding the perfect sensual experience but do take time to find a tranquil and soothing playlist. You want to take your partner to seventh heaven serenity, not make her ready to dance. A bonus tip is to ensure the duration of the playlist will last the whole of the massage, the last thing you want to do is to have to change the music when you’re immersed in full thrill passion. Also, lay down towels before your lady enters the room, this ensures no massage oil or sexual juices *wink* dampen or even stain your bedding.


2. Prepare the oil

To perform a high-class sensual massage it is essential you have oil (and lots of it!) There are many massage oils on the market, but strawberry, coconut and jasmine are deemed the best for a sensual massage. It’s important to warm the oil with your hands before rubbing into your partner’s skin. Never directly drizzle the oil onto your lady’s body, the coldness will certainly not be pleasurable.


3. Build the intensity

>The key to really woo your partner is build-up. Sensuality is all about stimulating, provoking and teasing her senses – this cannot be done by rushing. Start by using feather-like strokes to dust over her less sensitive areas, such as your partner’s back and shoulders.  Use swirling sensations to gently glide towards her nerve endings, using swirls gives the massage an element of surprise, as she wonders where your hands are going to end up (cheeky!) To maximise the pleasure, do pay attention to areas of her body you wouldn’t usually do.  Rub over her palms, patter over her ears and kiss her neck. You may be eager to immediately immerse into sizzling romance, but do resist. You want to build the intensity.

4. Escalate the sexiness of the massage

And now for the part, you (and your partner) have been waiting for – the sexy bits. By this point, the whole of your partner’s body should be sensationally turned on, therefore it’s time to manoeuvre your soft hands (and lips if you’re feeling extra cheeky) down to her sexual zones. Softly glide your hands down to her breasts, to cup a handful and to delicately swirl over nipples. This is guaranteed to send shivers down her spine – but we haven’t even got to the juicy parts yet. Once you’ve given her some boobilicious fun, use feather-like sensations to guide your fingers up her inner thighs, before reaching her erogenous zones. By this point what you do next is up to you. But we have to tell you, boys, happy endings don’t have to be in just fairy tales…

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