Is Lingam Massage Better When You’re Single Or In A Relationship?

Is Lingam Massage Better When You’re Single Or In A Relationship?

Now I’ve always enjoyed a lingam massage. When I was a student in London I would frequently visit the parlours. During exam season, I found that it was the perfect anecdote to stress and really helped me focus my brain on my studies. Before getting a lingam massage my head would be all over the place and but then afterwards I would feel calm, restored and most importantly clear-headed enough to concentrate. I didn’t give much thought to whether I’d use the services when I had a girlfriend but I suppose I figured I wouldn’t as she (whoever that may be) wouldn’t be best pleased that I was getting my manhood massaged by a beautiful naked masseuse.

What was it like getting a lingam sex massage before you got in a relationship?

That being said, what I did not come to realise in the naivety of my youth was that getting a lingam massage wasn’t just getting a handjob off a beautiful stranger it was actually a complex form of erotic therapy of which perfectly soothed all my anxieties and stresses; relieving me to such an extent that post lingam massage I would always be at peak performance. Having a girlfriend and getting a therapeutic, medicinal and professionally administered hand relief were two entirely different things.

Did anything change once you got in one?

Let me explain. When I did meet my partner Susan I truly became besotted. The apple to my eye, the wings beneath my sheets, a true diamond in the rust. That being said as far as sexual preferences go Susan only really enjoys regular sexual intercourse. She is not a fan of blowjobs or handjobs. I mean I can understand where she is coming from… if we are to be equals, how can I expect her to suck me off and tug me off when I absolutely detest going down on her and messing about with her flappy bits? We have an understanding, a good one I think. At first, I was pretty miffed she did not want pleasure me orally or give me hand relief however on closer consideration I actually think that is why I like her. There’s something sort of degrading about thrusting my penis down a woman’s throat; I’m rather large and choking is regular territory. Seeing someone choking because they can’t fit your dick down their throat doesn’t make you respect them any more than seeing a man piss himself in the street does; in my opinion anyway.

Now with all that being said and considering that as such there still remains the matter of whether you can truly maintain a frank and faithful relationship with the love of your life whilst getting physical relief elsewhere. The answer? Well, I have been married now, to Susan, for 25 years. We have two beautiful children, savings and a blissfully happy domestic life. My professional life has been majorly successful and I was able to support Susan with her online business venture that she set up when the children went to school. Her home business has also garnered success and has provided us with a nice little nest egg. I honestly can’t imagine being happier with anyone else and I know that she feels the same. To have broken up all those years ago because of my continued trips to the erotic massage parlours for my lingam massages would have been such a waste. When you meet your match it’s important to hold on and make it work. Saying that the relief and overall mental and physical strength lingam massages give me have completely shaped my successes in my professional life. No amount of stress, pressure or responsibility I encountered as I climbed the companies ladder could ever cripple or disarm me because I was always very content within myself thanks to lingam.

What advice can I recommend?

I will say that I am fortunate to have a life partner as open as Susan, and I understand that there are wives who would not allow their husbands to be erotically intimate with another woman but honestly if I were to give you any advice it would be this… No, actually I’ll give you two pieces of advice (number one: try lingam massage, especially if you work in a high-pressure environment; it really does take that edge off.)  Number two: Your wife just wants honesty. Really if you do get erotic massages behind your wives back, even if you do think she would be upset at the thought of another woman intimately touching you the reality is that you kept it from her. Women take lying and deceit personally, they consider it a sign of how much you value their intellect and position. By being honest with Susan and explaining in detail why I enjoy getting a lingam sex massage and how it really isn’t anything to do with the masseuse that performs it she was able to see it from my point of view and accept it.

Really the only thing keeping you from getting a professional lingam massage London when you are in a relationship is you. Be brave, talk to your partner with the same truth you hold for yourself; your life will be all the better for it.

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