Chasing The Next Hip And Trendy Health Kick?

Chasing The Next Hip And Trendy Health Kick?

Put down that wheatgrass smoothie man that stuff is not gonna sort out your libido problem… but you know there is something you should try: Lingam massage.


Never heard of it?

Why Lingam massage is only the erotic massage service currently taking the UK’s men’s health world by storm! (Have you been living under a rock? ) Studies in recent months have discovered getting a sensual lingam massage cannot only improve sexual dysfunction, sexual impotency, early ejaculation and other sexual health issues but it also improves mental health, boosts your immune system and provides relief to common ailments like persistent headaches/migraines, stress, anxiety and low blood pressure.

Sounds good right?

Don’t just take my word for it…Originating in The East, lingam massage derives from the sacred teachings of tantra and tantric massage.  The focus of tantra is reconnecting the body with the mind through sexual connectivity. It is a spiritual massage that allows clients to reignite their sexual energy and learn to control it. With tantra clients learn how to grow their sexual energy and expand it – learning to transport it all over the body, meaning that during orgasm clients experience full body sexual pleasure.

I don’t know about you but attempting to describe the indescribable is pretty hard. I want to convince you of the genuine improvements to your sense of self and your body capabilities when getting this massage style but in words, I can only say so much! The truth is, to fully understand the benefits of lingam massage you just have to go and get one.

I sent three guys who had never experienced lingam massage before to give it a try. I carefully selected three men that were totally different, men of different ages, different attitudes, beliefs etc. This was in order to get a more well-rounded result and to prove this health kick really if for anyone! (well except women- but actually the sister massage to lingam- the ‘yoni’ massage is just for women and is as effective as lingam massage for improving general health and mental attitude)

So let’s introduce you to our guinea pigs… first, we’ve got Carl. A twenty four year old builder-who doesn’t mind me saying – struggles with a bad case of the old early ejaculation… He decided to give lingam ago, having never had an erotic massage before. Let’s see how he got on…



“I er, was a little apprehensive, you know to go and get one. I er, didn’t really think I’d feel comfortable enough to… but actually, I was totally wrong. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It wasn’t even about getting off, it was about really like chilling out, getting calm. I have never felt that chilled before intercourse, or anything sexual to be honest. Normally I’m drunk or wrecked or whatever. I guess I got into bad practices when it came to sex which is probably why I ejaculate so quickly, it’s all like bam bam bam, over. Lingam massage taught me to take things slow, to not rush and not overthink everything. Also not feel embarrassed, I didn’t even realise I was until I got the massage, but I was, I was embarrassed about my manhood and I didn’t need to be.  There’s a lot of shame around sex, a lot that goes unsaid, getting a lingam massage fixed that for me. My masseuse told me not to be worried about early ejaculation because she knew special techniques that would help. I was still concerned but when the moment came (very quickly) she massaged me in such a way that stopped it! She then built and built the feelings inside, it was crazy I’d never felt anything like it before and when she let go and I came it was… Amazing. The best orgasm, the first orgasm actually, I think I’ve ever had. This lingam massage has changed the game completely; everyone should try it.”


Next, we’ve got Adam, a 39 year old divorced father of two. He is an athletic ladies man. Adam has no sexual issues, has never had an erotic massage but has battled stress for a number of years.



“My life used to be easy. I didn’t take anything very seriously and I never got into trouble. Then suddenly I’m 33 and I’m married and there’s kids on the way and we need a bigger house and a bigger mortgage and I need to get a better job and my boss is a dick, like a real tight wad who treats me like shit and my wife is looking at me like I’ve wronged her in some way and we’re eating our dinner in silence and then there’s toddlers running around and my hairs falling out and I get an extra job selling mattresses, I mean mattresses? And my wife’s buying expensive wallpaper and I tell her we don’t need new wallpaper and she says I don’t care about her and… and then my wife left and that was that. Now I’m 39 and I’m in a better place, I see my kids every weekend, I’ve got a job I can stand, and I’m doing well. I date, never anything too serious but I meet women. And yet it’s like the stress of all those years ago is still with me. Sometimes I find myself just clenching my jaw for no reason, or I’ll not be able to sleep and my brains just going on and on and on like a speeding train coming towards me and I just want to – well jump in front of it. I went and got the lingam massage on a whim, I mean what’s the harm right? And honestly… It changed everything.  During the massage I fell into this deep meditative state, it was like everything else stopped nothing else mattered except this warm cocoon of pleasure I was in. Afterwards, my mind felt clear, I felt lighter. It’s been 8 days since I had the massage and I still feel amazing, I don’t know how long it will last but I will definitely be going again.”


Finally, we have Neville, at 58 years old; Neville is our oldest guinea pig. As a bisexual man who has recently departed from his male partner of 12 years, he is also a risqué choice (for the purposes of my blog post – in that I wasn’t quite sure he would enjoy the massage)—even though it really is excellent for anybody! But as it turns out Neville enjoyed it very much…



“It was just, just marvellous. Absolutely marvellous. I wish I had gotten this massage in my twenties! You know the day after the first one I went back again! I saw the same masseuse again, she wasn’t even surprised, haha. We did have a laugh about it though. Honestly, it’s made me feel younger, happier – even my neighbour said I looked less grey! Can you imagine haha? Anyways, I would absolutely recommend lingam massage to everyone.”

Interested in starting your lingam massage adventure? Why not have a look at our high class lingam massage London guide!



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