When I Got A Life Changing Lingam Massage In London

When I Got A Life Changing Lingam Massage In London

At VIP Outcall Massage London, we offer the best lingam massage service in London. And we can prove it! We love to share testimony from our wonderful and satisfied clients. Here’s one particularly happy customer’s story…

I told myself that after living in London for six months, I would return to Chicago as a sex god. Bye bye awkward lankiness and hello charmer! I would be that tall, dark and handsome stranger in the coffee shop queue who always had a hilariously witty comeback. The ladies would be falling at my feet!

Three months of London livin’ later and I still hadn’t christened my bed. I hadn’t gotten any action at

all. I was growing increasingly sexually frustrated. Even the gym failed to cool my mind. If anything, it made it worse because I’d see curvaceous girls on the elliptical or more dangerously, doing their squats. After seeing a particularly sexy girl drop squatting and feeling shamefully animalistic for watching her out of the corner of my eye, I knew I had to do something. And masturbation wasn’t going to cut it. It was time to call in the big guns.

The following day at work, I dimmed my computer screen and surreptitiously Googled “erotic Asian massage, central London”. To my surprise, among pornographic links, lists of massage services greeted me. I chose one that offered an outcall massage service, meaning that the masseuse would come to me, saving me the hassle of having to locate a parlour. There were several massage styles that I could choose. Several stuck out, for example a nuru massage (a prominent feature on porn websites) and a 4 Hands (two masseuses instead of one!). There was one called a lingam massage, which promised the “happiest ending of all”. That had to be The One. Under the pretence of needing a ‘fag break’, I quickly popped outside to call the massage company up and book myself in.

As I commuted home that day, I felt as though everyone on the Tube knew exactly what I was going home to. The two middle aged women by the luggage area gave me the side eye and tittered. A Grandpa a few seats away gave me an approving look over the top of his newspaper as if to applaud me. You go for it, son! I heard him saying in my head. I have never been gladder to reach my stop.

My masseuse arrived at exactly 9pm. She was East Asian, slim, long-legged and had the most beautiful dark eyes I’d ever seen. She introduced herself as Mimi and before I knew it, I was lying on my front, completely naked on the air mattress I’d set up in my lounge, while Mimi worked massage oil into my calves. I had a small towel draped over my groin area.

It started off like a regular massage. Mimi slowly worked her way up my body, varying the pressures and I felt myself beginning to melt into a relaxed puddle. My body felt so light and stretched out. It was nice.

As she slid her hands up and down my splayed legs, I faintly wondered if she could see straight up my towel. Somewhere in my fuzzy-from-the-massage brain, I knew I was aroused. But I was determined to control it. I didn’t pay £120 to orgasm faster than you could say “Asian”.

Suddenly, it was time to turn over. Mimi flipped me over but in the process, the towel covering my groin slipped and I accidentally flashed her. Uh oh, I was hard. That’s normal, right? Mimi reassured me that it was totally normal. Erotic massages are supposed to arouse the body and bring it towards a pleasurable release. Still, I flicked the towel back in place and she began to massage the front of my body. Every so often, her bare breasts would brush against my shoulder, sometimes against my cheek and she’d trace light fingers over my towel-covered crotch. My mind was buzzing in arousal.

Before I could stop myself, I’d shrugged off the towel and placed her hand on my nether region. “Sorry,” I mumbled, my face red in shame.

“Don’t worry – you did ask for a lingam massage,” she laughed.

For those who are unfamiliar with the erotic massage industry, a lingam massage is essentially a massage for the penis. It starts off like a standard massage, but progresses to an intensive touching of the male genital area. Think stroking, pumping, squeezing and rubbing. It’s a well-oiled hand job at the hands of a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing.

And Mimi knew exactly what she was doing. She was blessed with the touch. She knew exactly where to touch me to turn me on and when to stop when she thought I was getting close to climax. Honestly, the sensations were frustrating and spine tingling. It was toe curling bliss. At this point, I was too relaxed and turned on to be embarrassed like I was before when I flashed her. When she finally stroked me to the finish line, I felt like a child cycling freely down a hill. I felt the waves of pleasure hit me like the Pacific Ocean waves that knocked me over when I was five years old and on holiday in Queensland, Australia. Like the Pacific Ocean, I couldn’t fight them. But unlike those waves, these ones stretched right through my body, filling me with total eye-rolling pleasure. I’ve never felt anything like it. I must have looked possessed.

When I went to work the next day, I was getting checked out more than usual. The secretary winked at me and the cute intern flirted with me. “You’re glowing!” my boss remarked. I certainly had a new pep in my step. I felt confident, energised and gloriously stress-free. Despite the slightly taboo nature of this massage, it was definitely worth it and my experience with my outcall massage had changed me for the better. Now I’m booking myself in biweekly to release my tensions.

So my advice if you’re an overworked, sexually frustrated man in London or you just happen to be in the city for a weekend? Book yourself in with VIP outcall massage London, as they have some great offers for a lingam massage  London. It’ll be the best decision you’ve made!


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