Lingam Massage And How It Can Help With Fatigue And Insomnia

Lingam Massage And How It Can Help With Fatigue And Insomnia

Sometimes you’ll find that medication alone isn’t enough to get rid of certain illnesses. No matter how many prescription drugs the doctor throws at you, they just linger. Massage therapy is a great alternative way to treat a variety of these stubborn illnesses. When combined with medication, they can have some long-lasting healing benefits. Research has found that massage therapy can help with:

• Promoting overall relaxation
• Improving blood circulation which boosts cellular function as cells receive their nutrients and remove their waste products more quickly
• Helps relieve pain from muscle knots, strains and general pains
• Releases nerve compression
• Improves flexibility and range of motion in joints
• Boosts energy, vitality and motivation
• Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite

What about lingam massage?

A lingam massage is one of the oldest types of erotic massage. Erotic massage is a branch of massage therapy that uses the power of arousal and orgasm to relieve pain. A lingam massage is a specific type that focuses on the male genital area (a yoni massage is the female equivalent). Although it uses the same techniques as normal massage therapy, it also uses specialised sexual movements that are meant to address the arousal and bring the client towards an orgasmic release.

Typically, edging techniques are used, which consists of bringing the client towards the edge of an orgasm and then backing off just before it happens. This means the client is kept on this pleasurable edge and all the while, the tension is slowly built up until they can take no more. When they do finally let go, it’ll be a huge release of tension which will feel extremely fulfilling and relieving.

How can a lingam massage help fatigue and insomnia?

Insomnia is often caused by anxiety, which stops people from sleeping as they dwell on these thoughts and this, in turn, causes fatigue. An erotic lingam massage can help with this. Sexual arousal and orgasms cause the body to produce a cocktail of feel-good endorphin’s and hormones, which are then released into the bloodstream. These hormones have a collective effect of reducing anxiety, stabilising mood and inducing an overall sense of calm.

A lingam massage uses specialised movements that are designed to bring about powerful orgasmic releases that push aside any pocket of anxiety and leave you in a state of overwhelming satisfaction and mental tranquillity. These intense orgasms are guaranteed to wrack your body with waves of pleasure that leave you so exhausted from exertion that you are no longer anxious or suffering from insomnia.

The connection between stress and sexual tension

Stress can be held all over the body. Typically, it’s held in places like the back and the shoulders. These are the most obvious places and normal massage therapy (styles that are not meant to arouse) focuses on releasing tension from there. The less obvious places include the sexual areas. Tension also pools in these areas – arguably not as prominently as in the back and shoulders, but because normal therapy doesn’t release the tension from the sexual areas, it builds up and can become quite significant. Sexual frustration can make us irritable, anxious and feel on edge.

A lingam massage uses techniques that have been specifically designed for whole body satisfaction. It uses the same techniques as normal massage therapy to ensure that tension is released from neutral places like the back, but it also uses special movements to ensure tension is also released from the sexual area. This is what makes a tantric lingam massage so effective – the sensations of holistic stress relief can be so overwhelming that some men are left in tears of wonder. This is no exaggeration because many cannot believe how much tension their bodies are capable of storing. Typically, clients leave lingam massage sessions feeling like a new person.

Try a professional tantric lingam massage

There are many DIY guides out there, but the best way to receive the full spectrum of benefits is to experience a lingam massage at the hands of a professional tantric masseuse. All of our therapists have been authentically trained in the tantric arts, so they know the precise balance between relaxation and pleasure. to see our best offers on lingam massage central London be sure to check them out!

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