Lingam Massage London

Our special Lingam Massages are practised exclusively for men and can bring levels of pleasure that have never been experienced before. This style of massage focuses on stimulating and massaging your genital’s but is not strictly limited to this area alone. Our stunning and 100% authentic masseuses will teach you how to locate pleasure points on your body which you never knew existed, whilst slowly and gently easing you to the point of release. You are in control, which means you get to personally select one of our Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai masseuses to share the session with. This style of massage is an extraordinary mix of sensual and erotic, meaning the benefits will last long after you’ve left the table. For long-lasting benefits and a life-changing experience, book your Lingam Massage today.

What does lingam massage actually involve?

A Lingam Massage will start like most other types of massage, whereby you will be asked to take a shower at least 30 minutes before your session is due to begin. A warm shower will relax your muscles for the massage ahead, and will also give you the time to mentally prepare for the session. For this type of massage, your masseuse will ask you to pay extra attention to your Lingam and the surrounding area when thoroughly cleaning yourself. For added sensation and easy movement, we recommend that you trim before your session so that you are as smooth as possible for the masseuse to work her magic.

Once you are relaxed and prepared, your masseuse will ask you to undress and lie face down on either the massage table, bed or floor ( this can be chosen by you most of the time). A small towel will be provided for some privacy until you feel relaxed and comfortable enough to remove it. Your masseuse will not rush and will start by giving you a full body massage to relax you and to get rid of any trapped tension. The soft and gentle technique will enable you to clear your mind, and any premeditated worries or observations about the massage will slowly drift away. Once relaxed, your masseuse will turn you onto your back and will slowly remove the towel. She will begin by gentle massaging your legs, inner thighs and shins, which will increase your sensitivity and arousal levels- and guess what, she will do all of this completely naked.

Once this point is reached, your masseuse will be able to show you the real power of tantric practice. Your chosen masseuse will apply a range of different techniques and strokes to the lingam shaft, head, scrotum and testicles, whilst gently massaging your perineum and a few spots connected to the prostate. You will experience a range of different feelings and sensations, most of which you will have never felt before, but will make your entire body tingle and shake. But do not worry about ‘releasing’ too soon, your masseuse will teach you to control your orgasm, allowing you to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible. If you do eventually reach a climax, your masseuse will clean you off and allow you 10-15 minutes to recover.

What should I expect from your lingam massage?

Lingam Massages are about extending pleasure, so your masseuse will ensure that you continue to feel relaxed and comfortable for a considerable amount of time afterwards. You will leave the table feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and liberated. Your mind will be clear, your self-esteem will be boosted your body will feel like it never has before. This is a once in a lifetime experience, so don’t let it pass you by and book a session with one of our gorgeous Asian Masseuses now. Or if you’re feeling really naughty, book one of our 4 Hands Lingam Massages and double your pleasure with the help of an extra sexy masseuse for only £300.

  • Short Erotic Body Massage
  • 1 Hour of “Lingam Love”
  • Unprecedented pleasure
  • Full Array of Lingam Massage Techniques
  • Choice of Stunning Asian Masseuse
  • Naked / Semi Nude Masseuse
  • Everything Need For The Experience (except location)
  • 1hr + Massage Experience
  • Happy Ending

Privacy is part of the package

We provide a strictly professional service and pride ourselves on only hiring authentic and trained Asian lingam masseuses who have proven beyond any doubt that they have mastered the art of Lingam massages. We are passionate about what we do and the services we promote, so appreciate that discretion is important to you. Any personal details or information is destroyed immediately after your booking, and no record of your purchase is kept on file. Our aim is to give you an erotic experience you will never forget, so your time with us will be kept strictly between you and your masseuse.

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