Why A 4 Hands Massage Can Help You Get Over Your Break-Up

Why A 4 Hands Massage Can Help You Get Over Your Break-Up

Break-ups are one of the hardest things to go through; especially if you are the party that has been broken up with. Rejection is never easy and it is especially hard when it is by someone who may have been a big part of your life and meant so much to you. Different people deal with breakups in many different ways. While some may grieve for months, others might use it as a chance to discover themselves or to explore their sexual side.

If you are one of these people that may have a broken heart over your ex and want to find a new and creative way to get over your old relationship, then why not try a four hands massage?

We have talked with some of our regular customers who have shared with us why four hands massage therapy helped them cure their broken heart, rediscover themselves and get over their ex once and for all… maybe their stories can help you follow suit!

How did our 4 hands massage service help Patrick?

“My ex-girlfriend and I were together for three years. The beginning of the relationship was very passionate and intimate, however as time went on this turned very intense. I loved her very much and was willing to work through our problems but she did not feel the same. I was very heartbroken when things ended and for many months I was not myself. I had gotten so used to her and her absence felt like a huge hole in my world that I thought I would never replace. I knew that I couldn’t go on like this forever but going out with friends or taking up a new hobby was never enough to dodge the pain and sorrow that I felt from my breakup. One night when I drunk myself into a sorry mess, I stumbled across an erotic massage parlour in London, and although I just acknowledge it and walked on, it stayed in my head for a few weeks after. So, one evening after work I decided to take myself for a massage to see if it could help with how I felt. When I got into the massage parlour I was expecting myself to go for the most basic of massages, however, I ended up going for a 4 hands massage instead. I had full choice of what masseuses I wanted which was amazing and they were so kind and caring towards me which automatically put my nerves at ease. The whole experience was extremely arousing and it helped me to forget about all the negative thoughts and feelings I had been carrying around for many months. They performed a full body to body naked massage on me while working in a synchronized motion which brought high levels of pleasure to my entire body. Not only did my body feel relaxed and calm, but my mind also felt completely Zen as well. Beforehand I truly believed that not one single girl would be able to bring me as much happiness as my ex-girlfriend did, but now I had two masseuses worshipping my body and making me feel so much joy and pleasure. I never thought that four hands would be the start of my journey to recovery from a broken heart and I am very grateful that this massage style brought me much more than sexual gratification.”

Where can you book a four hands massage?

If you would like to experience our authentic Asian 4 hands massage London services, our massage parlours are open daily from 10 am until 3 am. Our friendly receptionists are available via email, SMS or phone call to help assist you with any questions or queries you may have regarding our services. As well as having various massage parlours in some of the most popular areas of Central London, we also offer outcall services. Therefore if you would prefer your chosen masseuse to visit you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room, then please book an appointment in advance. Our services are 100% confidential and we always ensure that our visit with you is discreet and private.

Where do our Asian masseuses come from who will carry out the massage?

>Our beautiful, high-class masseuses have been trained at some of the most elite schools across Asia. They have come from Japan, Korea and China to share their special talents and touch with you lovely gentlemen of London. The girls each have unique and special styles and techniques, and they always ensure that each session is suited to the customer’s needs and desires. Their stunning features and model like physiques set them a bar above the rest when it comes to oriental masseuses in London. Our masseuses have been carefully handpicked based on their beauty, hard work and dedication to their job.

We provide a wide range of massages for you to choose from and have the best selection of massage styles In London.

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