5 Reasons Why A 4 Hands Massage Is A Step Above The Rest

5 Reasons Why A 4 Hands Massage Is A Step Above The Rest

Getting an erotic massage is an excellent way to boost levels of serotonin in the body, increase blood circulation, improve muscle and joint pain and provide sexual gratification. There’s a host of different massage styles to choose from; Nuru, prostate, lingam, body to body… the list goes on. All these different massage styles have their own targeted benefits however one massage style out trumps them all. A four hands massage is a massage with such high pleasure intensity it is incomparable to any other style.

The Basics of 4 hands Massage

For anyone not familiar with four hands massage this style involves having two erotic masseuses. Have I got your interest? Good. A four hands massage involves the two masseuses performing a special synchronised massage… during this, you will experience a sensation unlike no other, as you are unable to work out where one masseuse’s hands begin and the others end. Once you let go and allow yourself to just focus on the pleasure you will be lifted to a higher plane of ecstasy. Double the masseuses, double the pleasure.

1) It gives deep muscle relief

For anyone experiencing intensely sore back pain, muscle strain, or ligament damage, a four hands massage provides ultimate relief. If you think of it this way, if you were in pain and took paracetamol you may experience relief, however, in extremer cases of discomfort, you might opt to take two paracetamol. A four hands massage is like opting for the second paracetamol; it activates strengthened pain relief when you need it most.

2) Ever wanted a threesome? Now is your chance

if you get a four hands massage with full service it means you can have sexual intercourse with both of your masseuses, this, in turn, allows you the privilege of a threesome with two beautiful, talented erotic masseuse. Bearing in mind the level of ecstasy you will feel from the massage, to finish the session with a threesome would be any boys’ sexual fantasy come true.

3) It is a sensation unlike any other

The levels of serotonin that this massage style pumps through the body are unmatched by any other massage style. This creates a bubble of ecstasy within the brain – which has been described as an out of body feeling, many have described this as transcendent. The heights of pleasure are infinite with a four hands massage.

4) The mirror effect

Science has long ago proven that the brain has two sides which control opposing sides of the body. Getting two masseuses to each, in synchronised formation, massage your left and right side; you will experience pleasure signals to both sides of the brain at the same time.  This mirroring effect means your whole body and mind are consumed with pleasure, an intense rush of positive hormones like serotonin and cortisol.

5) If you find a reputable massage parlour take the opportunity!

If you can track down a parlour that delivers an authentic massage then you’re in luck! Grab the opportunity with both hands (literally.) After extensive research, a study found that the UK is severely lacking in trained professional four hands, masseuses. Many people try four hands massage and want to recreate the transcendent experience again once they are home, only to find that four hands massages are like gold dust.

Fortunately, there is a massage company in London that specialises in four hands massage. A parlour that hires the most popular four hand trained masseuses from the top massaging schools in Asia in a bid to re-create the authentic four hands massage experience here in the UK.

If you find yourself in London and are interested in using our duo massage service then consider contacting us

Sure a normal erotic massage is just fine, but once you’ve tried the rest – make sure you try the best. Four hands massage, the massage that is out of this world.




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