7 Things To Know Before You Try An Erotic 4 Hands Massage!

7 Things To Know Before You Try An Erotic 4 Hands Massage!

What Is an Erotic Four Hands Massage?

Have you ever heard of a 4 Hands massage? How about an erotic massage? Well, the first is a massage where two masseuses work on your body and the second is a massage that focuses on arousing the body. Now what do you think when you think of an erotic four handed massage? Maybe you think of ultimate, carnal pleasure. Maybe you think of your wildest, dirtiest fantasies. Maybe you think of the hottest, sexiest threesome ever. Or maybe you think of all three.

Whatever you think of, a 4 Hands massage is a truly unique style of erotic massage. Two masseuses and two pairs of hands (four hands) can cover a larger surface area, touch more places and stimulate more body parts at the same time. Whether you want to add a bit of kink to your relationship, want to reignite your sex life or just want to set it on fire, a 4 Hands massage can do exactly that.

But as fantastic as they are, you might still be a bit apprehensive or want to know more information about it. So we’ve put together a few things you should know before trying an erotic 4 Hands massage.

1. It’s overwhelmingly pleasurable

An erotic massage is designed to arouse the body, so uses a variety of massage techniques to excite the senses and manually bring it to a pleasurable release. Most erotic massage styles focus on prolonging this pleasure, extending the arousal period, so the client experiences a more powerful release at the end. A 4 Hands massage follows these same principles but uses two masseuses instead of one. This makes it more pleasurable and much harder to control yourself. Many men experience multiple orgasms as a result.

2. It’s full body satisfaction

Let’s face it – four hands can reach more places and cover more surface area than two hands can. Typically, the 4 Hands masseuses will divide the body in half, either horizontally or vertically, and work in synchrony. One will lead and the other will follow, and their movements will mirror each other. Alternatively, one masseuse may work on the upper body while the other focuses on the lower body. Whichever approach they go for, a 4 Hands massage literally provides full body satisfaction. Your entire body, even the polar regions, will be simultaneously stimulated.

3. Same benefits as a normal massage but in less time

Because two masseuses are working to relax your body, you get the same benefits as a standard two handed massage but in less time. In fact, it’s more holistic and likely to be more long lasting, because your whole body is being stimulated at the same time. You can’t get that from a normal massage because two hands can only reach so far.

4. You are the star of the show

When you get a 4 Hands massage, you are the centre of two masseuses’ attention. Two girls are working to satisfy you. You’ll never feel this pampered during a normal two handed massage.

5. You’ll feel like an animal – embrace it

A 4 Hands massage is so erotic, it’s impossible not to get aroused. You’ll probably feel animalistic urges as your sexual instincts kick in. But don’t be embarrassed! Don’t overthink it and just feel it. Feel the amazing sensations of the masseuses touching and manipulating your body. If you want to take things to the next level, ask for a blindfold. This will heighten your senses and truly drive you wild.

6. Best orgasms of your life

Erotic massages typically prolong the arousal period by encouraging the client to fight the urge to orgasm. This ‘edging’ technique will give you a more powerful and intensely pleasurable orgasm. This will be more tricky when you have two masseuses working on you, but just breathe and try and control yourself. Even if you accidentally let go, the masseuses will work you back up again.

7. It’s a bit more expensive but totally worth it

4 Hands massages are usually more expensive than a two handed one, because two masseuses need to be compensated for their time and skill. But if you think about all the benefits, the pleasurable and the naughty, this is totally worth it. It’s basically two massages, double the pleasure and a fantasy you never thought could come true – all in a one hour session.

If you’re interested in trying the best erotic 4 Hands massage nearby and deem yourself quite savvy on the subject, check out some of our other blog posts, have a look at our masseuse gallery and book yourself in for a session!


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