Four Hands Massage: Is It Worth It?

Four Hands Massage: Is It Worth It?

Have you ever heard of an erotic massage? An erotic massage is one that uses a series of sensual movements that are designed to excite the senses and arouse the body towards a pleasurable release, which is a combination of an orgasm and a lifting of stress. The arousing massage techniques are very pleasurable and satisfying. Erotic massages are typically performed by one masseuse, but there’s the option of having two. A 4 Hands massage is when two masseuses work to arouse your body and it’s an extremely blissful experience.

But a 4 Hands massage is always more expensive than a standard two handed one. Because of this, many people are put off. So we’ve put together a little article to find out all about 4 Hands massages and if they’re worth it!

What are they?

As the name suggests, a 4 Hands massage is simply, a four handed massage. It is one where two masseuses massage you as opposed to one. Two masseuses means four hands and thus, double the number of hands to stimulate you with. A 4 Hands massage is more expensive – usually double the price of a standard massage, because two masseuses need to be paid for their time and skill as opposed to one.


Why do they feel so good?

Everyone knows that massage therapy feels good. A deep tissue massage can iron out any muscle aches and knots. And it’s not just physical – a massage is an incredibly relaxing experience. The masseuse’s movements seem to affect your mind as well. With each knot, another stress is lifted from your shoulders.

As we’ve said, a 4 Hands massage is literally a massage with four hands (two masseuses). Now if two hands can create such a relaxed state of mind, imagine what could be achieved with four hands. It’s like the saying “two heads are better than one”. Four hands are better than two, because four hands can reach further distances, cover more surface area and generally create more pleasure than one pair ever can.

It’s the thought that counts

But it’s not just the additional pair of hands that feel so good. It’s the thought of having two masseuses working to please you. There’s an additional naked body in the room and when would you ever have the chance to be in the presence of two naked women who are both willing to make you happy?

One of the most unique things about a 4 Hands massage is the illusion. Imagine having a nuru massage with two masseuses. In case you’re not familiar, a nuru massage is one where the masseuse rubs and slides her body over the client’s. So a 4 Hands nuru massage would involve two masseuses sliding over your body. It’s almost too much for most men to handle. A four handed massage feeds off your deepest desires and wildest fantasies. It makes you feel like a pampered prince and no other kind of two handed massage could ever make you feel like this.

The benefits of a 4 Hands massage

  • Deeply relaxing
  • Dramatically reduces stress and anxiety
  • Cures insomnia
  • Improves sex drive and helps with premature ejaculation
  • Reduces pain from urinary problems
  • Promotes healing by boosting immune, digestive and circulatory system
  • Soothes the body by providing muscle ache relief
  • Leaves skin glowing and moisturised
  • Tones skin
  • Reduces appearance of stretch marks
  • Prevents cellulite

So are they worth it?

To put it simply, yes. Double the price for double the number of masseuses, double the relaxing potential and double the pleasure. It does depend on what results you’re after from a massage. A 4 Hands massage offers the same long-term benefits as classic two handed massages. But everything is more intense – the sensations are magnified, the tranquil state of mind is more pronounced and pain relief is achieved more quickly because more work is being put into the body. If you’re after long-lasting pain and stress relief in a short amount of time, a 4 Hands massage is perfect. For the ultimate, most memorable erotic massage experience, a 4 Hands massage is a must-try.

Where can you try a four hands massage?

We offer an exclusive 4 Hands massage service with any two of our Asian masseuses who have been authentically trained in the professional arts of erotic massage. From £260 an hour, it’s an experience you can’t miss!

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