London guide to erotic massage therapy

London is a thriving, multicultural and vibrant metropolis and has been a magnet for centuries when it comes to attracting people from every corner of the globe. Luckily this means that we get to experience the best that different cultures have to offer, and that includes erotic massage therapy. You don’t have to venture into


Romantic things to do for your partner which won’t break the bank

Wanting to do something super romantic for your partner but don’t have the means to fork out on something ultra-lavish? Well, forget diamond rings, dinner at a fancy restaurant or an overnight stay at a five star hotel  - as romantic gestures don’t have to be expensive. Here at VIP Outcall Massage London we truly


In focus prostate massage therapy

As many homosexual men are already well aware, the prostate gland holds a very important and significant role in sexual activities. However, this blog post is for all of you heterosexual men who have yet ventured to this part of their body because they feel as if it is not very “hetero-normative.” Let me tell


What’s the difference between Nuru and body to body massage?

If you visit an oriental massage parlour the chances are that you’ll be offered a body to body or a Nuru massage. Many people often mistake the treatments for being the same, but though they boast amazing similarities but also have their unique quirks which make them ultra-beautiful. Allow us to explain the similarities and


Carve out sometime this Halloween for a Lingam massage

Ah Halloween, the only time of year we take our kids trick or treating, hopelessly try and carve a pumpkin and dress up in a ridiculous costume with face paint. Here at VIP Outcall Massage London, we believe that the 31st October celebrations aren’t just for the children and believe adults should embrace the hauntingly


Ditch dating in London – Get a full service massage!

The world of dating can be an apprehensive, exhausting and a daunting experience. However, dating in a city as big as London is a whole other ball game.  Sure, there are plenty of dating apps and an abundance of people to choose from, but if you are the kind of person who tends to let fate


Luxurious London; Erotic Outcall Massage Service

Living in a thriving, cosmopolitan city such as London means that you are open to an abundance of opportunities and everything you want or need is highly accessible. Whether you want a 5-tier birthday cake delivered quickly to your front door or someone to come around and walk your dogs while you brunch with friends,


Why we should never put an age limit on happy ending massage

The world is full of shallow people, who often squirm at the thought of older people engaging in sensual intimacy. These same people are often baffled at how erotic massage parlours don’t have age limits.  However come on, it’s the 21st Century and it’s about time we embrace that ALL adults love sex. Just because


Times in your life you NEED a four hands massage

Ah four hands, the ultra-exotic, crème de la crème of erotic massages. Four hands is designed to whisk you away to a seventh heaven, while providing you with insane relaxation and stress relief. Let’s be honest, there’s no wrong time to treat yourself to four hands – but there are certain periods when it’s more


The science behind how tantric massage heals your heartbreak

Let’s be honest, we all go through heartbreak at least once in our lives. While it’s second nature to binge-watch Netflix with a tub of Ben and Jerrys, this isn’t the remedy to mend our broken hearts. So what should we do? Forget supping on too many pints down the boozer with your pals, we’re