5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About An Outcall Japanese Nuru Massage

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About An Outcall Japanese Nuru Massage

Have you ever heard of an outcall Japanese Nuru massage? Originating deep from within Japan’s red light district, it’s a special kind of Asian massage that focuses on inducing carnal pleasure. Outcall Japanese nuru massage is slightly different from normal massages because instead of using hand-to-body contact, the therapist will use her body as well as her hands to stimulate the client. She will use the soft curves of her body and slide her smooth skin up and down your body. It’s a very unique and enticing sensation.

Here are five more unusual things about an outcall Japanese Nuru massage:

Nuru gel is a magical gift for the skin

Japanese nuru massage is very similar in technique to a body to body massage, as both involve the therapist using her body to stimulate the client. However, a outcall Japanese nuru massage uses a very specific type of gel that only nuru sessions use. No other Asian massage style uses this. This gel is made from the Nori seaweed, which is found on the coasts of Japan and is edible. It’s totally clear, odourless and doesn’t stain, but is remarkably slippery when mixed with water. This characteristic is what gives the outcall Japanese nuru massage its nickname – the body slide massage. The gel allows the therapist to slide freely and most pleasurably.

Because this gel is made from seaweed that has soaked in heaps of the ocean’s nutrients, the gel is extremely good for the skin. It’s intensely moisturising and works to refresh, revitalise and rebalance the skin’s pH. Even if you can’t wrap your head around the sexual nature of a outcall Japanese nuru massage, then at least do it for your skin.

Outcall Japanese nuru massage can cure sexual impotence

One in 10 men and a significant number of women (one third of young and middle aged women and one half of mature women) suffer from sexual problems. These problems include inability to orgasm, premature ejaculation, painful sex and loss of sexual drive. These issues can make it very difficult for people to sustain a healthy and positive relationship, because no matter what we say, sex is a vital part of a relationship. A outcall Japanese nuru massage is a great alternative style of sex therapy. It uses a variety of gentle, sensual techniques that are designed to softly encourage arousal. Plus, many people find the skin-to-skin contact extremely comforting.

Nuru massage can fix insomnia

Outcall Japanese nuru massage is so arousing, orgasms are inevitable. When you orgasm, your body releases hormones that work to calm your mind, reduce anxiety and stabilise your mood – characteristics that could affect your sleep. The pleasure and orgasm caused by outcall Japanese nuru massage leave you so drained of stress that you’ll find yourself sleeping more soundly than you ever have.

Japanese nuru massage can save your marriage

Loss of spark and sexual connection are usually the reasons behind failing marriages and relationships. A nuru massage can help you save it. If the same old sex is getting boring, an outcall Japanese nuru massage is sure to take arousal and spin it on its head. It’s a new way of experiencing foreplay and sexual contact without any penetration. Because of the total skin-to-skin contact, it’s very intimate and can help two lovers reconnect. It may even help you embrace your sensuality and show you new ways to get turned on – all of which can revamp your relationship.

  1. Nuru massage can help with urinary and prostate problems

An outcall Japanese Nuru massage produces such deep and powerful orgasms that you are left drained of any blocked fluids. This can help flush you of the fluids that were causing your urinary and/or prostate problems.

How can I get an outcall Japanese Nuru massage?

There are many places offering outcall Japanese Nuru massage, but you can’t always be sure that these places are offering true tantric nuru sessions. At our company, we offer a selection of authentic Asian massages and all of our oriental therapists are fully trained in erotic, sensual and tantric therapy. We cater to the whole of central and Greater London and our therapists are open for incall or outcall services from just £120 an hour. So to experience the best outcall Nuru Massage in North London Book now!

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