The Main Things You Must Know About A Naked Happy Ending Massage

The Main Things You Must Know About A Naked Happy Ending Massage

Most people have heard the term, ‘naked happy ending massage’ floating around, but very few have explored it. Whether you’re a first-time adventurer or are well-acquainted with the art of Asian massage therapy, you’re in for a treat either way. However, you’ve probably got a few questions to clear up first, don’t you? Luckily for you, we have answered them all, so be sure to read on if you want to become enlightened with this magical art.

What is a Naked Happy Ending Massage?

In simple terms, a ‘naked happy ending’ describes a massage that ends with an orgasm. This Asian-style massage therapy incorporates a series of erotic and traditional techniques designed to relax and arouse the body. Although these movements are often mirrored in traditional styles, naked happy ending massages add a bit more spice. Although most Asian massages involve sexual play but do not revolve around the idea of an orgasm, naked happy ending massages do. Asian masseuses target erogenous locations on the body because they’re closely linked with pleasure. After masterfully arousing their client, they will move their focus to sexual areas where the real fun begins.

Are they just about pleasure?

No- believe it or not, they aren’t- although, the pleasure is undeniable as well. However, despite their sleazy reputations, naked happy ending massages are actually innately spiritual. Derived from the ancient art of Tantra, naked happy ending massages use ancient, a spiritual practice to re-align the body’s chakras with the mind, body and soul. This might not mean much to you, but you basically mean that you’re able to truly ‘switch off’ and let go of any stress and anxiety.

As well as this, pleasure is scientifically healing. When we experience an orgasm or feel pleasure, a series of very powerful drugs and hormones are released into our body and brain. These substances include dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and prolactin- all of which are motivating, calming, reduce anxiety, create pleasure and improve happiness. Believe it or not, a lot of people who suffer from depression, severe stress and anxiety seek out naked happy ending massages for exactly this reason- because they are actually good for you!

Am I naked during the session?

I’m sure you’ll already know the answer to this question, but yes, you will be naked. As stated above, naked happy ending massage focus on stimulation of intimate areas; therefore, any closing would hinder the masseuse’s ability to do this. Although this might seem daunting, it isn’t. Happy ending massages introduce sexual play very gradually, meaning you’ll begin the massage with your crotch area covered, and only once you’re relaxed will the towel be removed.

Where can I get one?

Nowadays, most London based salons offer an incall and outcall massage service to cater for everyone. If you’re unable to make time during your busy schedule, you can now book a flexible outcall massage service- most of which, run all night. Whether you’d prefer to experience this in the comfort of your own home or in a hotel room, most masseuses are generally quite flexible and can attend pretty much any location. Its personal preference!
Are they legal?
Contrary to popular belief, yes, they are. Although the running of a brothel is illegal in the UK, selling a service is not- and that’s exactly what naked happy ending massages are, a service.
Where will I be massaged?
Ultimately, your entire body. A naked happy ending massage is always commenced with a full body traditional massage. This is designed to iron any knots or areas of tension from the muscles but to also soothe the mind for the massage ahead. This includes the shoulders, legs, arms, back, stomach, head and feet. Once fully relaxed, your masseuse will turn you over onto your back where she will begin to caress your intimate areas. Using expert techniques, she will distil pleasure into you that you never knew existed. It’s that good!

What are you waiting for?
Sound good to you? Yeah, we thought so- so why not book in for a raunchy best happy ending in london? All you have to do to experience a 100% authentic naked happy ending massage and experience mind-blowing, toe-curling pleasure then visit here



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