Why A Nuru Massage Is The Best Massage For You

Why A Nuru Massage Is The Best Massage For You

When you found out what a Nuru massage was, what did you think? Did you compare it to explicit, X-rated videos across the web depicting masseuses giving their client’s a raunchy Happy Ending? Like most, it’s easy to judge Nuru massages for being a sleazy form of prostitution with a fancier name, but in reality, they’re nothing like that.

Where did Nuru massage come from?

The creation of massage stemmed from human instinct, and has since developed into a worldwide practice. When we get injured, we instinctively rub the area that hurts, and that’s exactly how massage therapy was created. Nuru massage combines natural instinct with medical treatment and is designed to relieve the body of tension and pain. Since the earliest accounts of massage trace back to 1800BC, it’s safe to say that massage has come a long way since. With other 70 styles now practised in the US, there is a massage out there for everyone and any injury. However, like most erotic massages, the Nuru was not designed to alleviate physical pain as such- it was developed to heal people holistically. Rather than focusing purely on physical tension in the body, the Japanese developed Nuru’s for more mental and spiritual reasons.

What are the benefits?

Unlike some traditional style massages, Nuru’s effect nearly every part of the body, both directly and indirectly. However, most significantly, Nuru’s have an incredible effect on the cardiovascular function in the body. A study in 2008 showed that out of 263 volunteers, almost every single person’s blood pressure dropped by 10mg Hg after a 45-60 minutes massage. As well as this, participants’ heartbeats reduced by at least 10 beats a minute, which helps to lower stress and reduce anxiety. Clearly, massages are relaxing, but Nuru’s take relaxation to the next level. Clearly, their positive implications on the body cannot be ignored.

It helps build self-esteem

Nuru massages are incredibly exposing and may seem daunting at first for those of you who lack body confidence. However, you’d be surprised to learn how Nuru’s feed clients’ self-esteem. Being naked with a masseuse can be intimidating, but when she’s touching and caressing every single part of your body, any premeditated reservations are bounds to fade away. Nuru masseuses teach their clients how to love their bodies by making them feel sexy and loved. Sexual stimulation naturally encourages happiness because it instigates the stimulation of the ‘happy chemical’ serotonin. Whether you’ve not felt the warmth of a gorgeous woman’s body in a while or just want to experience mind-blowing pleasure, Nuru massages are a guaranteed stepping stone to self-esteem.

It’s seriously pleasurable

Nothing is sexier then having a drop-dead-gorgeous woman rubbing her body all over you, but imagine how incredible it would feel if your lovely lady was trained in the art of pleasure? Nuru massages are incredibly enticing because they’re both enticing and sensual. Nuru masseuse don’t just use their hands to massage you, they use their beautiful curves, breasts and buttocks to send your arousal levels through the roof. At this point, you’re probably wondering what actually happens during a Nuru (if you catch my drift), but the truth is, they’re probably less sexual then you imagined! Believe it or not, there’s typically no penetration involved in a Nuru massage, and that’s because the session isn’t revolved around that. Nuru massages are in introduction to alternative forms of pleasure, and allow you to feel new but wonderful sensations that you never knew existed. Although some kind of sexual stimulation may be involved, no legitimate Tantric masseuse will endeavour to give you a ‘happy ending’- that goes against tantric teaching’s. Although it’s a welcomed side-effect, Nuru’s are sooo much more than a ‘kinky massage’- they’re unprecedented.

What are you waiting for? Book your session now

If you’ve made it this far, I think it’s fair to assume that your curiosity is tingling. At the end of the day, you’re only human- I mean, who wouldn’t want an hour of naughty, unparalleled fun? If you want to feel what’s it like to have a professional masseuse grinding and sliding all over you, book your session today and put the theory into practice. You’ll be surprised how much you love it. To have your chance at experiencing this amazing form of massage be sure to click here for our best Nuru Massage North London offers.


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