Why You Should Get A 4 Hands London Nuru Massage

Why You Should Get A 4 Hands London Nuru Massage

London Nuru massage- ring a bell? It probably doesn’t- and that’s understandable because not many people are lucky enough to have experienced one before. If not don’t worry this post on why a Nuru massage is the best for you, will enlighten you some more. however, if you’re one of the rare majorities to have done so, you’ll know that they’re a truly unique massage style. They’re sexy; they’re arousing; they’re unparalleled. That was the case, until now. A 4 Hands London Nuru massage is the ultimate sexual fantasy and is something that can be experienced by anyone. Instead of having one naked masseuse sliding all over your naked body, you get all of this with two stunning ladies, instead. Sound good? Yeah, tell us about it!

What is a 4 Hands London Nuru Massage?

The Nuru massage earned its name from a special type of gel that is used during a typical session. ‘Nuru’ is a Japanese gel that is stringy and slippery in texture, making body to body contact fluid and streamline. Instead of using just their hands, Nuru masseuses cover themselves and their client in the slippery Nuru gel and use their body, breasts and buttocks to relieve tension from the body. However, in this case, it is performed with two naked bodies instead of one. Twice as many masseuses, twice as many benefits.

The History of 4 Hands Nuru

For years, prostitution has been frowned upon. For even longer, constitutes across the world have tried to ban it. Nuru massage was invented as a way to get around these restrictions and to give adult workers an avenue to continue their professions. Asian massage was created as a less-taboo alternative; sensual massages that incorporated relaxation and sexual stimulation to create an incredible raunchy ritual. Unlike sex, 4 hands London Nuru massage isn’t entirely centred on the idea of a ‘happy ending’. It uses slow, spiritual, teasing, foreplay-like actions to send clients into a state of pure euphoria. The incorporation of the 4 Hands massage service is relatively modern but has projected this unbelievable massage style into a league of its own. And if you don’t know what a 4 hands massage is you can find that out here.

What happens during a 4 Hands Nuru?

As with most Asian massage styles, the session will begin with a full body relaxing massage. The masseuses will use synchronised movements to ease tension from across your body, using specially designed massage techniques. This part of the massage will not be erotic, although you’ll find yourself growing with anticipation as two beautiful masseuses touch every inch of your partially naked body.

Once you’re nice and aroused, your masseuses will flip you over onto your back where the real fun will begin. The masseuses will begin by covering you in warm Nuru gel and will mount your body. Using their oily, naked bodies, they will use their buttocks’ to grind all over your chest and stomach area, whilst incorporating their hands to rub down your legs and arms. However, be aware that this isn’t an episode of Girls Gone Wild; it’s still a sensual, 4 hands London Nuru massage, so every movement will be intense and arousing.

Health Benefits of a 4 Hands Nuru

They reduce stress and anxiety

London Nuru massages are notorious for relieving stress, and that’s because they’re soothing both mentally and physically. However, two sets of hands mean twice as much relaxation- which is why the 4 Hands Nuru is completely unparalleled.

Boosts the immune system

4 Hands London Nuru massages are good for the body- both internally and externally. The massage techniques used during this style encourages blood flow and helps the body to discard harmful toxins. Ultimately, it improves the body’s immune system.

Improves incompetence

Believe it or not, 4 Hands London Nuru massages are great for improving incompetence. Although our Nuru Massage North London service is incredibly pleasurable, they’re designed to make you control your levels of arousal. This enables people to have more control over ejaculation.

If you feel like a 4 Hands London Nuru massage is for you, then call us on 07920426076 and experience the wonders of this unique massage with two gorgeous Asian masseuse


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