Turn That Frown Upside Down

Turn That Frown Upside Down

It is hard to stay the happiest and best possible version of yourself at all times. With the heaviness that is life and the busy schedules of your career, relationships and family life, we all get a bit down in the dumps from time to time. While many of us can pick ourselves up over a good chat with a close friend, or a pint of beer, for others the anxiety or depression creeps in even further until we feel emptiness.


How can massage therapy such as a Nuru massage benefit you?

Massage therapy is a highly relaxing and soothing thing to do if you are feeling stressed or anxious about anything in life. They are a sweet escape, helping you to enter a calm state of peace and tranquillity. They have been proven to help combat depression, anxiety, mental health issues as well relationship problems. However, erotic massages are known for putting an even bigger smile on your face – in particular, a Nuru massage.

A Nuru massage first originated in Japan and the word ‘Nuru’ stems from the Japanese word ‘slippery’. It is all about pleasing you physically, mentally and sexually. The masseuse uses thick gel known as ‘Nuru gel’ or ‘Japanese gel’ which she spreads around your naked body with hers. The slippery nature of the massage makes it easier for the masseuse to utilize her curves to rub you in all the right places and give you a thrilling experience.

I have talked with men, young and old, on the streets of London to find out why a Nuru massage put a smile on their face –

Nico, 24

I had been with my ex-girlfriend since I was sixteen and lost my virginity to her – therefore when we broke up early in the summer I was totally ready to get out there and try something new. Being with someone for so long, you sort of get into a certain routine in the bedroom, and the things that used to arouse you become less exciting. My ex-girlfriend almost got offended when I suggested we tried something new and got paranoid that I was getting bored of our sex life – which I was. When I heard about the Asian massage parlours in central London, I got myself down there. The masseuses were really friendly and ever so helpful and talked me through all the different types of services they offered. I chose to have a Nuru massage with a curvy, Japanese masseuse and it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. As soon as she took off her clothes and I could see her tiny waist and curvaceous hips I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She began to apply the Nuru gel all over my body with hers while we were both naked and I became instantly aroused. It was fun, exciting adventurous – we kept laughing together and it was very intimate. I think it would be extremely difficult to ever go back to my ex-girlfriend after that experience.

Joseph, 32

It was the annual office party on a chilly November evening. Everyone was pretty drunk and began to head off home. There were a few of us guys left in the office when one of them suggested that we booked an outcall massage to the office for a little fun. I had a quick browse through the website, and within 45 minutes the two girls I had selected were in my office with me, fully naked with a tub of Nuru gel. After some naughty, passionate kissing amongst the three of us, they cleared my office desk and guided me to lie down on it. They used their naked, sexy bodies to cover me with the gel. One of the girls massaged my shoulders with her slippery hands while the other placed my penis between her breasts and moved it steadily and fast. The gel made the movement super easy and before I knew it, I was climaxing. I don’t usually orgasm while I have been drinking alcohol, but this was such an arousing experience, I couldn’t help myself.

Damien, 37

My girlfriend got pregnant when were just eighteen years old, both before we were meant to head off to university. However, because neither of us had parents who were willing to help support us, I had to miss out on doing my dream degree in teaching and instead had to get a job as a labourer to make money to buy stuff for the baby. Luckily, things worked out and we managed to get our own house and the baby didn’t want for anything. Sadly when our boy was three years old, my girlfriend passed away due to a fatal car accident. Therefore I had to raise the boy by myself and did not have time to even think about going back into the dating scene. However, some of the men at the widower’s grieving group suggested that I visit a massage parlour you get intimacy without the hassle or commitment of a relationship. I soon tried a Nuru massage and I have to say it changed my world around. It felt amazing and I was always in good spirits. It helped with my loneliness and was a beacon of light for me when I was at my lowest.

Evidentially, a Nuru Massage North London experience is an amazing way to turn your frown upside down and the perfect way to add some happiness back into your life!

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