What’s The Difference Between Nuru And Body To Body Massage?

What’s The Difference Between Nuru And Body To Body Massage?

If you visit an oriental massage parlour the chances are that you’ll be offered a body to body or a Nuru massage. Many people often mistake the treatments for being the same, but though they boast amazing similarities but also have their unique quirks which make them ultra-beautiful. Allow us to explain the similarities and differences.

They’re both performed naked

The biggest correlation between Nuru and body to body is that they are both full body massages, which are performed naked. They both boast more than 500 techniques, which start by rubbing down your less sensitive zones (neck, back and shoulders) before manoeuvring the attention to your erogenous region (the manhood area).

They both can come with happy ending or full service

Both Nuru and body to body are offered by two of the most popular massaging packages, which are the happy ending and full service. So what’s the difference? Well, happy ending comprises of massage and hand relief while full service is an exhilarating she-bang of massage, oral and penetration. Both Nuru and B2B also include the opportunity to orgasm twice as part of a one hour service.

Body to body massage is centuries older

Body to body massage has been around for centuries and was first used by the Chinese to heal the sick when medicines were deemed expensive. However, Nuru is much more youthful in history, with it first gaining prominence in the Japanese red-light districts (including Kasawaki) during the 1950s. During this time, many Japanese residents were growing tiresome of the sex industry taking over their streets and called for the government to ban the selling of sex altogether. However, instead, a compromise was made and the brothels within the red light district were transformed into luxurious massage parlours offering Nuru massage. Nuru was hugely popular with the Japanese and gained admiration from Western gentlemen travelling to Japan on business. Due to demand, many oriental masseuses moved to the likes of London, Paris and Berlin to offer Nuru to European clientele.

Nuru uses a specialsed Nori gel

In comparison to body to body, many strokes used in a Nuru heavily involve the masseuse’s boobs and bum. Standard massage oil would run the risk of friction, which is why Nuru practitioners rely on a specialised Nori gel to make every stroke sensationally effortless. The Nori gel comprises of Japanese seaweed elements, which makes the formula super slippery and sensual. To begin, the masseuse will drizzle the Nori gel onto your bare skin before using her flawless assets to slide and grind on your naked body.

Nuru is performed on a blowup mattress

Everything about Nori gel is amazing but it does run the risk of one thing, staining. The sticky-like formula is likely to run everywhere and can often stain clothes, towels and sheets. Due to this, unlike B2B Nuru massage isn’t performed on a bed and instead uses a specialised blow-up mattress which the masseuse can easily wipe down, clean and fold away after the session is taking place. If you’d like to have a Nuru massage on a bed, then you’ll likely be asked to provide your own towels.

Body to body massage doesn’t have to be performed completely naked

Though many clients opt to be, you don’t have to be completely in the nude for a body to body massage. If you’d prefer, the masseuse will undress you to your comfort level as the massage progresses. Towels and sheets can work wonders for covering your modesty! However, due to the sticky nature of Nori gel, Nuru practitioners advise being naked from the get-go for the Japanese bodywork. This is why Nuru is considered a little more adventurous than B2B.

Which ones are better?! You decide!

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