5 Fun Facts About Nuru Massage

5 Fun Facts About Nuru Massage

All erotic massages are exciting and enticing, but when it comes to experiencing the crème de la crème it doesn’t get much better than an amazing Nuru massage. The relatively modern treatment is super unique and is taking the erotic world by storm. Allow us to tell you more about Nuru.


Its home is Japan

Nuru has relished in popularity across the globe, however it was in Tokyo where the sexy bodywork took off. Tokyo is home to one of the biggest red-light districts in the world, however, in the early 1950s, it was a different story. During this period, many residents called for the government to implement stricter laws on the selling of sex. This caused many parlours, walk-ins and brothels in the city to close down. Despite this, the demand for the sexual trade remained high and many workers looked for new ways to sell their services. High-end masseuse Hamida had a solution. She had worked in many spas where a body scrub known as Nori gel was often used. Hamida realised that the gel, which comprises of seaweed elements, was super slippery and experimented with using it as a massage oil. She realised it to be great for massage and hugely sexual – she therefore inspired many sex workers to mask their services with massage. And in turn, Nuru massage was born.

You can have a Nuru massage with sex

Not only is Nuru super intimate as it is performed with the masseuse and receiver both naked, the techniques used also make Nuru the sexiest massage on the market. To perform Nuru, the therapist uses her sensational assets (including boobs and bum) to slide and grind over the client’s bare skin, while edging closer and closer to the erogenous zones.  This makes Nuru the perfect starter for more sensational things to come. Many parlours recognise every client’s preferences are different and therefore offer the choice between two packages. These are the full service which comprises of Nuru massage, oral and sex or happy ending which includes the massage and hand relief. Though it’s not very common, those who just want a sweet vanilla experience can opt for a Nuru session without any sexual extras. High-end Nuru practitioners thrive on delivering massage which is tailored to your individual requests.


Businessmen and tourists made Nuru popular globally

Tokyo sits in the top-10 most visited places in the whole world. As a hub for tourists and business, Tokyo sees more than 12 million people explore its skyscraper streets on a yearly basis, with some of these people opting to experience our Nuru massage North London experience  These people have brought the demand for Nuru to as far as the West. In the last decade, Nuru has become a popular premium massage in London and is offered in most oriental parlours across the city.

It isn’t performed on a bed

A bed is a go to place if you want to get intimate. However, Nuru shouldn’t be performed on a bed. Nori gel has a sticky and silky texture – therefore if it gets on your sheets it will cause wet patches and even worse, stain. Therefore, Nuru practitioners often perform the massage on a specialised Nuru air mattress which can be easily wiped after the session is over. The Nori gel will not be the only fluid on the mattress when the massage has finished – if you know what we mean! *wink*

A shower is the recommended finale

As Nuru massage is super physical and Nori gel is slippery, things can often get messy. But don’t worry, most erotic massage parlours offer an assisted shower as an add-on to end your Nuru experience. Not only does this allow you to wash after getting down and dirty, but it also gives you extra time to get super steamy with your masseuse – and obviously we can’t say no to that!

How can you book a Nuru massage in London?

We offer a five-star Nuru massage for incall and outcall across Central London. To find out more or to make a reservation please contact our friendly team of booking agents today on 07920426076.




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