The Science Behind How Tantric Massage Heals Your Heartbreak

The Science Behind How Tantric Massage Heals Your Heartbreak

Let’s be honest, we all go through heartbreak at least once in our lives. While it’s second nature to binge-watch Netflix with a tub of Ben and Jerrys, this isn’t the remedy to mend our broken hearts. So what should we do? Forget supping on too many pints down the boozer with your pals, we’re onto much bigger things. Gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to erotic massage.

While it might seem a bit out of the box (and slightly barmy) science has proven that tantric massage is the perfect solution for fixing our broken hearts. And here’s why:

It helps you sleep

Heartbroken feelings are often much worse at night. It’s common to blubber into your pillow wide awake, while wondering where it all went wrong. Of course, this isn’t healthy and too many tears can take its toll on our body and minds.  If you want to forget a certain someone and be able to switch-off for a full eight hours then tantric massage can greatly help you out. The teasing and tantalising Tantra strokes boost the Serotonin levels within the body. Serotonin is known by scientists as a vital sleep hormone and the more we have within our bodies, the higher chance we will be able to unwind, relax and get them extra zzz, just what you need when you’ve been burning wasted energy on a certain someone.

It’s a distraction

Of course, the old wife’s tale is that to get over a person you need to get under someone else. However, where’s the logic behind this? Well, tantric massage tells us this to be true. Tantric massage is the most superior romantic, passionate and intimate encounter you will have had in your life. When you’re getting jiggy with a tantric masseuse, you’re definitely not going to feel heartbroken. Erotic masseuses are sensationally gorgeous, with boobs that rival Pamela Anderson’s and booties just as good as Kim Kardashians, your ex-lover is certainly going to be a distant memory. The masseuses sure know what they’re doing in the bedroom too and are up for your most daring requests. They love nothing more than transforming your delicious fantasies to naughty realities. While you’re in the company of a tantric masseuse you’ll wonder why you ever were in a relationship in the first place.

It erases your stresses

Let’s get real, break-ups can cause all types of stresses. Wondering what the other person is up to and if they’ve hooked up with someone else are common niggles. It’s important to nip these stresses in the bud and get over your heartbreak before they make you ill. The beauty of tantric massage is that it is an ultra-amazing stress reliever. Tantra masseuses use a kneading stroke known as petrissage to work the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol out from your muscles. Once eliminated, fresh oxygen and blood supply rush to the muscles, allowing the receiver to feel much lighter and erased of their physical stresses. Science has also proven that many romantic stresses build-up within the erogenous zones, which can only be eliminated by orgasm. Once your masseuse has worked up to a point of no return, the stresses are immediately flushed out from the body and are in turn replaced with Oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as a feel good hormone, as it uplifts mood and encourages positive thoughts and feelings. You’re guaranteed to leave the massage parlour feeling like a new man, not a heartbroken wimp.

Heal your heartbreak today!

If you’re feeling heartbroken, it’s time to stop moping about and turn your attention to Tantra therapy. Here at VIP Outcall Massage London, we host a gorgeous range of oriental masseuses who are fully trained to nurse your post break-up blues back to a healthy and happy heart. We are open between 10 am to 3 am, seven days a week and conduct our services for both incall and outcall bookings across the Greater London area. So whether you want to kick back and relax in the comfort of own home or visit our five-star Tantra palace is entirely your choice, with pricing starting from as little as £120ph. To get your broken heart back on the mend come and try one of our Japanese tantric massage services. Simply call our friendly and helpful booking agency today on 07920426076 and make an appointment. We can’t wait to meet you!



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