How A Tantric Massage Can Help With Joint Mobility

How A Tantric Massage Can Help With Joint Mobility

Massage therapy is often a reliable go-to for stress. It’s nearly everyone’s first choice for freshening up the mind and revitalising the body after a long, stressful week. Generally, massage is a great way to promote healthy mental well being, reducing stress and relieving pain from specific areas of the body due to sports injuries or ill-performing bodily systems. Research has suggested that massage therapy can help with:

• Physical and mental relaxation
• Improved blood circulation so cells can receive their nutrients and remove their waste products more quickly
• Relaxes muscles so relieves aches, strains and knots
• Relieves nerve compression (e.g. sciatica)
• Improves joint flexibility and range of motion
• Increases energy and motivation
• Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, and helps heal scars

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a type of Asian massage therapy that fuses all the benefits of a relaxing massage with the benefits of tantra. Tantra is a centuries-old meditative ritual that works to focus the mind towards a specific task or goal. The word tantra is a combination of the words ‘tattva’ and ‘mantra’, so it can mean using the cosmic sciences to focus the mind to reach a higher level of consciousness. Tantric massage is a physical variation of it. It uses manual therapy, so physically manipulating the body, to concentrate the mind towards sexual arousal and the goal of total control.

Tantric massage is extremely erotic and typically, uses a lot of sensual techniques because the goal is to control sexual arousal. Primarily, it’s meant to teach men how to freely embrace their sexuality. Tantric massage is one of the slowest types of Asian massage, focusing on slow, drawn-out movements to build up tension from all over the body. This tension is then maintained and orgasms are delayed using proper breathing techniques. This makes arousal almost meditative. Tantric massage uses the energy produced from arousal to rebalance the mind and body.

n terms of tantra, the main focus of a tantric massage is to maintain the balance between the male and female energies because it enhances the orgasm. There are different levels of pleasure that you can experience during orgasm and men are not often as exposed to as many levels as women. Tantric massage teaches men the ability to control their orgasms, so they can maintain heightened states of arousal and experience climax without actually ejaculating. This means they can experience multiple orgasms.

Tantric massage and joint mobility

But does all this have to do with joint mobility? Well, when you orgasm, your heart beats more quickly, your breathing becomes faster, your muscles contract and blood rushes all through your body. Tantric massage works to build this up to the highest point that it can reach. By prolonging the pleasure, the eventual orgasm can be extremely intense and this is accompanied by a powerful rush of blood through the body.

Tantric massage uses a lot of slow, sensual movements that help to stimulate blood flow. This increase in circulation means that more blood can reach the joints, warming them up and reducing any stiffness. The varying massage pressures also mean that any knots can be smoothed out. The masseuse may also help the client get into unusual positions so she can reach various pressure points. Ultimately, joint mobility and flexibility can be improved.

Sexual pleasure is also extremely powerful in that it can distract the mind. When the mind is distracted, you may find you can do a lot more and move into more adventurously flexible positions without feeling any discomfort.

How to get a professional tantric massage

You can always try a tantric massage with your partner, but it’s best to get the actual thing from a professional masseuse. There are many companies in London that offer tantric experiences, but we offer a unique session that is flexible and can be adapted to suit all of your needs. With our Chinese Tantric Massage in London service.




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