How Tantric Massage Healed My Heart: Two Men’s Tantric Massage Journeys

How Tantric Massage Healed My Heart: Two Men’s Tantric Massage Journeys

Why am I so passionate about tantric massage?

Hi, I’ll start by introducing myself; hello! My names Yuki and I am a certified trained erotic masseuse living and working in the hustle and bustle of London Town. Originally from mainland China, I completed my training in erotic massage whilst studying at the most prestigious massage academy in 1000 mile radius of my hometown. Whilst studying I was passionately interested in tantra and would often find myself, even in my downtime, researching and learning as much as I could about the mystical healing powers of tantric massage. Once I graduated I moved to London and became a full time, certified, tantric masseuse. I for one am proud of my profession and every day I witness the effects that my Tantric massage in Marylebone services have on my clients.

Since moving to London I have been overwhelmed by the constant prejudice put aside for an industry that I am so happy to be a part of. Of course, there are dark and evil people everywhere but if you understood erotic massage as we do in the East you would be able to separate the horror story of human trafficking and respect the honour and professionalism of erotic massage. It’s like comparing a car salesman with a drug dealer – totally different!

I’ve thought for a while about making a blog post explaining why I am so passionate – at first, I thought I could explain the ancient history and quote from an ancient text, explain the spiritual and individual self-healing that comes from practising tantric massage, however, I feared this would not grab my audience’s attention as much as I would hope. I thought then, who better to explain the rich and profound healing benefits of tantric massage than my clients themselves!

Being in this business as long as I have, you may not be surprised to hear I have several regular clients who I have built strong and healthy relationships with over the years. I myself have witnessed the transformation that tantric massage has blessed them with and I am proud to say that two of my regular clients jumped at the chance of sharing their experiences with the greater world – in the hope that others who have never experienced the massage style before will learn a better understanding of what the massage entails and those who wish to be prejudice against erotic massage will re-evaluate their stance upon learning the true meaning of tantric – to heal, to love and to be one with oneself.

But enough from me, let’s hear from some of you!

Clarkie 32, Ipswich.

The first time I got a tantric massage I had been sexually inactive for almost 14 months. I was distant with friends, family, I didn’t enjoy going out, I never met anybody new, or at least learnt to tactfully shut down any sniff of an interested party; I was a rock, an island… whatever Paul Simon said. There is a sort of explanation as to why I was acting this way, 14 months prior, my girlfriend at the time, got into a collision with a lorry on the way to my flat to surprise me with a takeaway after I had a long shift. It was a tragedy, what more can be said? But for me, I felt terrible. I felt as though it was my fault, I felt as though this girl, this woman had sacrificed her life for me. This led me to feel as though any experience with another woman was damning her memory. Celibacy felt like my only option, but saying that I’m a man who loves to love, you know?

That’s when I found Yuki, and I discovered the wonder of tantric massage. Tantric massage not only allowed me to feel comfortable with a woman again but it taught me that sex isn’t about gratification or anything hedonistic, it’s about joining with another person, connecting as one and it’s about connecting with yourself too.  After practising edging and building techniques my brain became engulfed with serotonin – only good feelings and happiness. It was like a drug, I had never experienced orgasms like it before.

Since I began getting tantric massage my life’s totally turned around. I’m closer with my friends, family; I’m generally happier, easy-going. Tantric massage is like therapy, no – tantric massage is therapy. You know, I think it might have saved my life.

Andrew, 47, Surrey.

Now I have always had a strained relationship with sex. This is largely, to do with the fact I was born with a micropenis (hold for laughter) no seriously, it is a genuine condition and I was, unfortunately, one of the lucky ones in a thousand men to be blessed with one.

See the thing is, on the outside you wouldn’t think this issue has affected me at all. I’m married to a beautiful woman, we have two beautiful children, the job, the car, the house in the countryside. I sure am a lucky guy! Right?

Well four years ago if you had met me, you would have no question been able to tell I was an unhappy man. My face was grey, huge bags from sleepless nights, I was hunched over, timid, you might have even said cowardly. As much as it looked good on the outside I had grown to realise my marriage was a shambles.  My wife was the first woman I had been with and I was amazed at how nonchalant she had been about my little dick. No, actually that’s a lie, I forgot there was also a girl whilst I was in my freshers who refused to sleep with me once she saw it; that memory haunted me for many years. No, my wife was the first proper sexual encounter I had and she had no qualms with size!

This was all dashed in 2007 when I discovered privately that my wife was, in fact, a raging lesbian, due to her status she had kept this information hidden and carried out multiple love affairs whilst being with me. This totally destroyed me. As for my sexual confidence… the fact that my wife who didn’t mind my tiny dick turned out to be a fan of vaginas was a hard pill to swallow.

Whilst going through the long-drawn-out process of sorting out a divorce and the kids and the house I decided to get an erotic massage. I really didn’t think it would ‘help’ in any way – I was just feeling like doing whatever the fuck I wanted without caring. I found myself passed out in the streets from nights boozing after work a few times during this period.

However, when I actually went and got my massage I learnt through Yuki and in extension through tantric massage how to love my dick – because dammit why shouldn’t I! It still works – and believe me, Yuki taught me that! Honestly though, for anyone that suffers from body issues, anxiety or any general confidence issues, I think you should genuinely consider getting an outcall tantric massage in London. It sure sorted me out.


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