How To Give The Best Tantric Massage Ever!

How To Give The Best Tantric Massage Ever!

Erotic and tantric massages have many glorious benefits. Not only do they reduce stress and anxiety, they relieve aching joints and tension held in overused muscles. Erotic massages are also a great form of sex therapy and can help with intimacy and trust issues between partners. There are various sensual massage techniques that can be used for a full body massage.

Back to basics

Always start a massage with the partner lying on their front. Start by working up their body to build anticipation and pleasure.

Legs and feet:

Spread your hands out and use long, gliding strokes down the legs. Use more oil for hairier legs to prevent pulling. Focus pressure on the heel and arch of the foot. Wrap a flat hand around the foot, pressing the fingers against the sole and firmly stroke the foot from the arch to the toes. Be firm because the feet tend to be ticklish. Massage each individual toe by pressing and rolling them in your fingers.

Move up to the ankle. Gently massage the hollows of the ankle and then lightly rotate the entire foot in a circle, pressing against its maximum flexible range. Then move upwards.

Vary the pressure depending on the part of the leg. Use medium palm pressure as you stroke up the calves and then heavy finger or palms to knead the fleshy thighs. Switch to the other leg once you’ve reached the pelvis.


Use medium palm pressure as you slide your hands up the small of the back. Alternate between your fingers and palms by gently stroke your fingertips up the spine and then switching to your palms. Move slowly up to the neck, gradually increasing pressure then back down. Repeat several times

Knead the skin around your partner’s shoulders and neck by using gentle pinching motions. Massage the shoulders by pressing your thumbs in and using outward circular motions. Use your body weight instead of arm strength for any particularly tense areas.

Finish the back massage by sliding your hands up the back and down the arms.

Hands and arms:

Start with some long, light strokes down the arms. Don’t apply pressure to the elbow. Knead the forearm with medium finger and thumb pressure. Alternate with palm pressure in circular motions. Use your thumb to gentle massage the inner part of the hand – the soft areas. Gently take a finger between your thumb and forefinger, and lightly rub upwards while pulling the finger away from the hand. Use extra pressure at the tip of the finger. Repeat for each finger and then finish the massage with a few, final gliding strokes of the entire arm. Repeat for the other arm.

Feeling advanced?

Massaging across the muscle fibre is a fantastic way to relax any tense muscles as well as an overworked, anxious mind. Try this massage by gripping and rubbing across the way muscles fibres and tendons lie. Start the massage with light, gentle strokes before moving to firmer and deeper pressures.

Adapt your hand movements to the area of the body. For example, use finger pressure for small areas like the neck, thumbs for the shoulders and palms for larger areas like the back and thighs. You can even use your knuckles for firmer areas that can withstand deep pressure like the buttocks, back and thighs.

Massaging along the muscle fibre builds on the effects of the first massage. It will eliminate stiffness and increase joint mobility. As a result, your blood circulation will be boosted, meaning muscles and organs get better blood supply. This will cure any swollen muscles and help them regain their normal shapes. With this massage pattern, you should stroke along the direction the fibres lie and always the way the blood flows from the heart (away).

Like the first technique, start slow and light, then move onto deep tissue motions. You should alternate between pressing down and stroking with your fingertips to grip around the muscle.

Best massage types

Swedish massage:

This massage uses a mixture of gentle petrissage motions (kneading and squeezing) and effleurage motions (sweeping and gliding). This covers more than one area of the body that can be soothed at the same time. The massage also involves traction, which is gently pulling the freshly loosened limbs.

Sports massage:

Like the Swedish, it also uses hand movements like petrissage and effleurage. However, this style uses more deep tissue pressure to massage and manipulate the muscles. This helps to prepare the body for sports and other intensive exercises due to it warming up the muscles and increasing circulation. Sports massages are also great for relieving muscle aches, sports injuries and alleviating stress and anxiety.

So there you have it, our best tips on giving the best erotic tantric massage ever! and were in doubt that once you start on this journey of massage mastery you won’t stop.


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