Tantric Massage: Why It’s Slow But Worth It

Tantric Massage: Why It’s Slow But Worth It

Tantric massage is a branch of the ancient Indian practice of Tantra. Tantra is a meditative practice that dates back to 5.AD and is one of the most neglected branches of ancient Hindu rituals. Related to spirituality, it is meditation that aims to maintain a clear and tranquil state of mind, so one can reach new levels of awareness.

The word “tantra” is an amalgamation of the words “tattva” and “mantra”, which suggests the practice is using cosmic science to help concentrate the mind and body towards a single purpose: reaching a higher level of consciousness.

Tantric massage is an evolution of that, but focuses more on the manual side rather than the mental and psychological bits. It uses manual therapy to relax the body and pleasure the mind. Originating from India, the practice became gradually popular across the Asian continent and is now a regular fixture in the red light districts of East Asian countries.

The principles of a tantric massage

A tantric massage is an extremely sensual and deeply erotic style of massage that trains people, mostly men, how to learn to embrace their sensuality. Massage movements, that are designed to specifically target arousal, are used. Typically, the arousal is prolonged and orgasm is delayed which makes the experience even more satisfying and fulfilling. Ritualistic breathing patterns are also used. Ultimately, tantric massage therapy is about maintaining the balance between pleasure and relaxation.

Tantric massage is also concerned with spiritual awareness. The primary focus is to encourage and maintain the balance between the male and female energies (known as the Shiva and Shakti energies, respectively). There are various levels of pleasure that the body can feel during orgasm and men don’t typically experience as many levels as women. Tantric massage teaches men the way to open their mind and allow for different states of pleasure.

Why is a tantric massage so good!

You may think you’re in full control of your penis and you know everything there is to know about it, but how many times have you orgasmed before you actually wanted to? Tantric massage shows men the way to maintaining heightened levels of arousal and having orgasms without ejaculation. This is because tantric practitioners believe ejaculation is wasting precious Shiva energy. When men master their lingam, they can experience multiple orgasms in one session, without wasting a single drop of energy, and form stronger emotional ties with their partners. This allows for greater intimacy and consistent sexual contentment.

In order to reach this level of intimacy, strong emotional bonds and satisfaction, a tantric massage is extremely slow. In fact, it’s one of the slowest types of erotic massage. It’s very ritualistic. Most therapists will begin the session, sitting cross-legged opposite their client, holding hands and chanting mantras. This is meant to concentrate the mind towards a single goal. Breathing is emphasised too, with the therapist showing the client how to breathe in a way that maximises lung capability. This also helps with relaxation and controlling orgasm.

What’s a typical tantric massage session like?

Every tantric therapist will work differently because there are cultural differences (for example a Hong Kong trained tantric therapist may work differently to an Indian trained therapist), so sessions may vary from masseuse to masseuse.

Typically, a tantric massage starts off as a normal body massage. The therapist will use all the same basic techniques as normal massage therapy because the aim is to relax the body and prepare the muscles for the upcoming intense pressure. When the muscles are relaxed, the therapist will work slowly up and down the body, gauging which parts of the body are most stressed. At this point, many people will be surprised at the parts of the body that will arouse them even if they’re not sexual parts.

By the time the therapist starts working on the sexual area, clients are intensely aroused. Tantric techniques will be used, so the masseuse will slowly and methodically stimulate the area, taking the client back and forth from the edge of orgasm. Slow, light touches will be alternated with deep, intense strokes. It’ll be frustrating but pleasurable and when ejaculation is finally allowed, it’ll be intensely satisfying.

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