National Face Your Fears Day – By Getting A Prostate Massage!

National Face Your Fears Day – By Getting A Prostate Massage!

Take a brief moment to sit down and consider what your life could be like if you bit the bullet and decided to conquer some of your greatest, darkest fears. What would you do differently? How would you see the world? How would you see yourself? National “Face your Fears” day offers you the chance to stand up to those fears, overcome them and seize life.

What did three men say about getting a prostate massage?

As National “Face your Fears” day falls on 16th of October this year, I decided to interview men who decided to partake in this holiday last year and understand how they felt before and after they had conquered their fear. However, their fear was quite a particular one, a prostate massage.

Yes, you heard that right, a huge percentage of straight men in the U.K and Northern Ireland have never tried a prostate massage or prostate milking before and have a fear of trying it for a number of reasons. A few brave men who were scared of the idea decided to share their experiences with us.
Mark, 40
Last year I found out that I was in the very early stages of prostate cancer. The news was extremely difficult for me to handle, but it was even harder for my wife and kids. I was very scared and did not know much about prostate cancer or even where the prostate gland was located. It was completely out of my comfort zone. When the doctor told me I was lucky they had discovered it very early and that there would be the treatment I could undergo to get rid of it, I was relieved.

However, when my consultant told me that one of these treatments would be sessions of prostate massages – I was terrified! The 17 years I have been with my wife, my bum was always a no go area. I wasn’t into that sort of thing and it made me extremely anxious knowing that I would have to have a finger inserted into my rectum. However, after the doctor talked to me about it in more detail and how it would help my health, I knew I would have to face my fears and go ahead with it.

Looking back now, I understand why I was scared or why other men may also be nervous about trying it. However, if it is something that will help your health and keep you on this earth for longer with your loved ones, then you need to be brave and face your fears.
Dean, 26
I have always been quite sexually adventurous and enjoy trying new things with new partners. However, when it came to prostate play, I was always too nervous to try it with a girl as many of my male friends deemed it “gay”. However, when I met my girlfriend I felt comfortable enough with her to face my fears and go out of my comfort zone. Not only did it help with many issues I have had with premature ejaculation, but it also gave me intense orgasms like nothing before.

My girlfriend also enjoyed it and gave me great pleasure in knowing that she was enjoying the experience just as much I was. We tried prostate milking which felt strange at the beginning; however, after a while, it felt a lot more pleasurable.
Johnny, 28
When I was younger I used to be a stallion when it came to sex. I slept with many women and always had a new girl in my bed. I was known on my university campus as being a player, and to be honest, I enjoyed that title. However, as I got older I began to experience erectile dysfunction, maybe because I had become so desensitised to sex from having it so much. This caused me a great deal of stress and I lacked body confidence. I was too nervous to have sex with women as I was worried about not getting it up.

I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor but I found online that prostate massages really help with erectile dysfunction so I went to an Asian massage parlour in central London. The masseuse was professionally trained and knew exactly what she was doing, therefore it was done right. It felt amazing and after a few session,s I found that I was able to get an erection a lot easier and it would also last longer.

This boosted my confidence a lot and I couldn’t understand why I was so apprehensive to try a prostate massage. I am glad I faced my fears as it has paid off immensely.


They faced their fears now you face yours!

It was an extremely brave and courageous thing for these men to do but nonetheless, they did it. It can always be terrifying to jump out of your comfort zone and try something new, but the rewards are usually amazing and not something that you regret! Visit VIP Outcall Massage London, to experience the best prostate massage in London has to offer!

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