Lingam And Prostate Massage: The Ultimate Pleasure For Men

Lingam And Prostate Massage: The Ultimate Pleasure For Men

What would you say if someone offered you mind-blowing head-to-toe pleasure that will eliminate all of that stress you’ve been feeling recently? Pleasure that you’ll remember for the rest of your life? This is what you can experience with an erotic massage.

We know what you’re thinking. Only sleazy old men and perverts go to get an erotic massage because that’s what the movies show. But that’s not strictly true. Erotic massages are a legitimate form of massage therapy that is as revered as the massages with better reputations like Swedish and shiatsu. The only thing that gives erotic massages their scandalous tint is their focus on the sexual areas. We know that tension is held in places like the shoulders and neck, so we turn to massage therapy to rid us of these knots. We also know that sexual frustration can have adverse effects on our moods, turning even the most joyful of personalities into hostile, snappy people. It’s fine when you have a partner with whom you can relieve these tensions with, but what if you’re single or you and your partner are estranged? Sadly, shiatsu massage therapists can’t tend to these needs, so your muscle knots might be gone but you’re still a bit agitated. This is where an erotic masseuse can help.

The wonders of a lingam massage

Now, unbeknown to most people, an erotic massage isn’t all about sexual satisfaction. It’s understandable to think that because they do focus on the sexual areas, but it’s not primarily for sexual gratification. It’s for whole body gratification. As we said before, tension is held and built up in the sexual areas. Erotic massages work to release it from these areas as well as the rest of the body, so people are left completely relaxed and pain-free.

A lingam massage is a specialised form of massage therapy that was designed for male satisfaction. It is a massage of the penis and the surrounding areas, which initially sounds very intense. However, a lingam massage is based on Ancient Indian theory that the human genitals are supposed to be worshipped because of their vital roles in creation. That’s what a lingam massage and the female counterpart, the yoni massage, aim to do – pay the genitals the attention and worship that they so rightly deserve.

During a lingam massage session, the therapist will use a variety of techniques that simultaneously relax your mind and arouse your body, which is a very pleasurable combination. They will start with a full body massage to relax your muscles and unwind the knots. Once your muscles are sufficiently supple and your mind is in an appropriate state, the therapist will move onto your penis. She’ll use a range of unique techniques that make the massage feel like so much more than a ‘hand job’. She will slowly bring you to the edge of orgasm and then back off, so you’re constantly on the edge. This limbo state is extremely pleasurable, because you get to experience the sensations of an orgasm without actually having one, so you get to feel it for a prolonged period of time. When the therapist finally does bring you over the edge, it’ll be one of the most intense and deepest orgasms you’ve ever had. It’ll be the release of a lifetime and along with it, all your built-up tensions will wash away.

The wonders of a prostate massage

A prostate massage is even more special than a lingam massage, but it’s not for the lighthearted Why? Well, a prostate massage is one that directly stimulates the prostate gland, which is also known as the male G-spot. This gland is accessed through the rectum. Therapists will begin with a full body massage, which is intended to relax the body and muscles. This prepares the body for the prostate massage. The therapist will also gently stimulate the external prostate area, such as the perineum which is the area between the anus and the testicles. Only when the therapist feels like you’re totally relaxed will she begin to stimulate the internal prostate area.

With a well-lubricated gloved hand, she will gently and slowly ease a finger into the rectum. It’s important to be relaxed and even more so to breathe, because tensing will make the experience uncomfortable and painful for you. The more relaxed you are, the more pleasurable it will be.

The therapist will gently stimulate the prostate gland, using a variety of soft techniques such as stroking, tickling and gently sliding a finger along the sides of it. She may even softly prod it. They may feel strange at first, but these movements will encourage intense arousal. You’ll feel a build-up of fluid and pressure deep within you, but don’t fight or resist it. Just let it build because it’ll all be released in the end. This fluid is prostatic fluid and a blockage or prolonged excessive build-up can lead to prostate problems such as prostatitis and urinary infections.

Bringing the two together

The prostate massage is often combined with a lingam massage to bring about the most intense pleasure. Therapists stimulate the penis area to ensure maximum arousal during the prostate massage, because people generally find penis stimulation more directly pleasurable than a prostate one. This combination ensures that you are kept in a constant state of prolonged arousal.

A truly intense release

Both prostate and a lingam massage are about gradual build-up. This ensures for an extremely intense orgasmic release. In fact, it might even feel ‘explosive’. This is what makes the two massages so effective when it comes to prostate and urinary infections. They ensure that the urinary and prostate ducts are totally cleaned out of any liquids that might have been lingering there.

They are also great for improving sex drive and reducing sexual impotence. Prostate and urinary conditions might leave you unable to ejaculate or cause erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Erotic massages help to arouse you and teach you to control your arousal.

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