Why We Should Never Put An Age Limit On Happy Ending Massage

Why We Should Never Put An Age Limit On Happy Ending Massage

The world is full of shallow people, who often squirm at the thought of older people engaging in sensual intimacy. These same people are often baffled at how erotic massage parlours don’t have age limits.  However come on, it’s the 21st Century and it’s about time we embrace that ALL adults love sex. Just because you aren’t the stallion you once was shouldn’t mean you are excluded from having a happy ending massage. Here is why we should never cap the age for erotic massages…

The masseuses regard every male body as a temple

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons people believe older people shouldn’t enjoy the wonders of a happy ending is because the masseuse doesn’t want to get down and dirty with a wrinkly body. However, this is a ridiculously inaccurate statement to make. To be an erotic masseuse, intense training is given on Tantric training programmes in Asia. Tantra teachings show us that all male bodies are a temple, which should be worshipped by the power of massage. Further Tantra ideologies suggest that the Lingam (the manhood) is the most sacred area of all males.  Whatever you’re age or shape of your body, the therapist is sure going to feel super blessed to get hot under the covers with you. Please don’t feel like you can’t come to the parlour because of moobs, wrinkles or even bodily hair – as the therapist will give you as much good lovin’ as if you looked like David Beckham or Channing Tatum.

It’s a natural Viagra

Are you victim to some form of penis problem? Well don’t worry, scientists believe that with age more than 60 per cent of us suffer some kind of penis problem by the time they reach the age of 60. However, instead of spending copious amounts on Viagra, opt for the natural way – a happy ending massage (it’s sooo much more enjoyable!). Happy ending masseuses are wonderworkers at treating an array of penis conditions, including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low sexual stamina by performing careful, slow and sensitive strokes all along your penis. Regular sessions are guaranteed to make you feel 10 years younger in the bedroom.

It provides company

When we get older, the loss of a special loved one is often inevitable. However, instead of painfully grieving at home alone many older people can seek the companionship of a happy ending masseuse. As well as getting their sensual needs fulfilled, many happy ending masseuses provide the best company in helping to mourn the loss of a loved one. They love nothing more than chatting about your day or hearing your memories about a certain someone. Many older gentlemen often build a great friendship with happy ending masseuses.

It nurses your aches and pains

Arthritis, frozen shoulder and leg pains are often endured when we get older. Copious trips to the pharmacy to stock up on painkillers might seem like the only option, but it really isn’t – as happy ending does work wonders for treating a variety of ailments. So how does it work? Well, the soft and sensual slides of a happy ending massage triggers a rush of endorphins. Endorphins are informally known by doctors as the ‘body’s natural painkillers’ as they disguise the pain signals being reached from the central nervous system – ultimately giving the receiver rewarding relief. Recent studies have shown that more pensioners than ever before are consulting happy ending therapy as a complementary and alternative treatment to nurse a range of pains, niggles and chronic pains.

Book a happy ending massage

So yeah gentlemen, whether you are 18 or 88 you are welcome to enjoy a five-star massage here with us at VIP Outcall Massage London. We host a delicious array of Oriental massage therapists who love to iron out your ailments, give you the best company and boost your sex life – all for as little as £130 per hour. Outcall across London is also available, with full details of pricing being given when you provide your postcode. We can’t wait to tease and tantalise you with our luxurious, seductive and professional services. Give us a call today to arrange your appointment on 07920426076. Or view more about our Happy Ending massage London services.



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