Why Happy Ending Massages Are Good For Relieving Stress

Why Happy Ending Massages Are Good For Relieving Stress

Stress, for most people, is as trivial and insignificant as the common cold; it’s part and parcel with life. However, what most people fail to realise is the fact that if untreated, it can lead to much more serious problems. Controlled levels of stress are normal, but chronic stress can have a massive impact on your physical and mental health. From depression right through to insomnia, stress is a serious, yet undervalued condition that can lead to traumas such as heart attacks and strokes if not dealt with. What is the solution you might ask? The answer is simple: pure relaxation. The fact of the matter is, everyone relaxes, but very few people switch off entirely and give their mind a well-needed break. Pure relaxation is incredibly hard to come by, but the benefits of doing so are unprecedented in terms of relieving stress.

So, here is our recommendation: The next time you’re looking to de-stress, don’t seek out a short-term fix, invest in something long lasting- go and get a Happy Ending Massage.

The Physical Benefits of a Happy Ending Massage

Happy Ending Massages are the modern day medicines of society that people are too afraid to explore. Aside from being insanely pleasurable, Happy Endings are notorious for leaving its clients totally rejuvenated and recharged. Unbeknown to most, mental and physical health are very closely linked, so when one suffers, the other normally takes a blow as well. As mentioned before, failing to treat stress can result in health issues such as high blood pressure and heart conditions. Happy Ending massages focus on emptying the mind of any thought, inducing pure relaxation. Pure relaxation helps to lower blood pressure, increase blood flow, eliminates toxins and is great for the organs. Also, these benefits are not short lived, and will have a positive impact on your health for weeks.

Similarly, for a great deal of men, pre-ejaculation can have a massive blow to their sex life and can therefore increase levels of stress. Happy Ending massages, however, are the perfect way to overcome this. Studies have proved that one of the most common causes of pre-ejaculation amongst men is stress and the pressure to perform in the bedroom. What a Happy Ending Masseuse does is takes the pressure off your hands entirely- all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. This style of massage is in no way rushed, in fact, your masseuse will use gentle touch and techniques to build up your arousal levels gradually. Even if you begin to feel the pressure mounting and find yourself tipping over the edge, the masseuse will ease off for a few moments, and then build you right back up again. This technique teaches men to control and prolong pleasure, so next time you find yourself in an intimate situation; you will be able to control their urges more efficiently.

The Mental Benefits

In this day and age, the pressure to be ‘beautiful’ is everywhere; it’s unavoidable. Low self-esteem is like a deadly epidemic that infects most of us. Think about it, how many people do you know that are confident in their appearance? Low-self-esteem is one of the many ingredients that can amount to stress, so it’s important to try and resolve it any way possible. Although they can be very exposing, Happy Ending massages are great for boosting confidence. By slowly caressing and stimulating every inch of your body, your masseuse teaches you to love your body holistically, not just your sexual organs. Like most erotic massages, this style can be very romantic and intimate which will result in an influx of oxytocin, a chemical that induces happiness. No matter your age, shape or size, a Happy Ending Massage will leave you feeling a million dollars.

Happy Ending massages were derived from the ancient art of Tantra which looks to reconnect the mind, body and soul. Tantric practice aims to heal your chakras, the energies that run through your body, by helping to banish negative thoughts and feelings. A properly execute massage will imbue you with a lasting feeling of euphoria that cannot be achieved through any other activity or practice. This incredibly spiritual massage is a natural healer, and is guaranteed to free you of mental strain.

Pleasure is Good For You

The destination of a Happy Ending massage is exactly what it teases, but it is the journey to that point which makes the ending so special. Erotic massages have a bad reputation, and you are probably reading this thinking that receiving sexual pleasure from a stranger is both immoral and shameful. However, you are misinformed. Pleasure is imperative when it comes to tackling stress- fact. Studies have actually shown that people who climax several times a week generally live longer than those who orgasm occasionally. Orgasms boost fertility, smooth out wrinkles, prevent heart attacks, lower blood pressure and dramatically reduce depression, anxiety and of course, stress. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, toe-curling orgasms are very difficult to come by, and this could actually be one of the reasons you are so stressed and frustrated.

Starving yourself of pleasure is unnatural, and really does impact your mental and physical well-being. Moreover, reaching orgasm doesn’t necessarily leave you satisfied. These days, sex is often practiced as quickly and efficiently as possible- the end goal of course, being an orgasm. What people fail to realise is that a slow build-up is the key to jaw-dropping, intense pleasure. Happy Endings are known to have left men paralysed with pleasure, they are known to have induced multiple orgasms and they have been known to leave participants shaking from head to toe in pleasure. So next time you’re stressed and go on the hunt for a quickie, re-think your decision, you could get much more out of it if you just turn on the breaks a little.

Stress is not unbeatable; it is, undoubtedly, a life choice. If you’re fed up of being controlled by stress, do something about it and tackle it head on. Get a Happy Ending massage today in Soho and experience this for yourself..

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