Eight Myths About Happy Ending Massage Exposed

Eight Myths About Happy Ending Massage Exposed

Happy ending is enjoyed by millions of men across the globe, however despite being a popular sought treatment, erotic massage is still riddled with many myths which tarnish its prestigious reputation! , we’re not standing for this, here are eight myths about happy ending massage exposed.

“Happy ending is illegal”

Whether happy ending is on the side of the law is always considered as a grey area, but we can assure you it’s totally legal. This is because whatever takes place between you and your therapist after the massage is totally cool, as long as you both give consent. Therefore you needn’t worry the cops are going to dash in on you mid-frisk.

“Happy ending is just hand relief”

Wrong. Although hand-relief is always performed during happy ending, clients can also choose added extras including oral and penetration as part of the package. Of course, this costs a little more (on average £40) but it is definitely worth it for the delicious ride.

“Happy ending masseuses are always Chinese”

Although the Chinese introduced happy ending to rest of the world it’s not just girls from China who offer the treatment. In the last decade, more and more Western therapists have started to conduct the treatment. However, if you’re looking for a true authentic happy ending massage an oriental masseuse is probably your best bet. London is made up of copious oriental parlours which offer happy ending, so you’ll always be in luck!

“You can only have happy ending with one masseuse”

The opportunities are endless when it comes to happy ending, so if you want to get jiggy with more than one girl then go ahead! A lot of gentlemen opt for four hands happy ending, which comes with the double the trouble, double the benefits. However, do feel free to add on more gorgeous and seductive therapists, if you really want to take your seductive ride one step higher.

“Happy ending parlours always have shop signs”

Wrong, most happy ending parlours don’t have exterior banners advertising shop services. You may think this is because happy ending is dodgy, but it is in fact to protect the privacy of the clientele. Many parlours understand most of their customers are respected businessmen who seek a discreet service to unwind after a long day at the office. Therefore, most happy ending salons are disguised as plush apartments in the heart of the city. If you do seek happy ending you can be rest assured that whatever goes on behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors.

“Happy ending massage is only for males”

Oh come on boys, it’s the 21st century and it’s time to embrace the fact women love sexy time as much as men! Female happy ending is often known as a Yoni massage and is essentially a massage which stimulates the female erogenous zones including the nipples, vagina and clitoris to achieve orgasm. While Yoni massage flourishes in popularity (particularly in the West) it’s important to know that some parlours in London still remain male-only. Therefore, if you’re seeking a couples happy ending service do make sure it’s something the agency offers first.

“Happy ending is always performed naked”

Wrong! Though most clients opt for themselves and the therapist to be naked from the get-go of a happy ending massage, this isn’t absolutely essential. If you’re a happy ending newbie or are a little nervous then you can request for the masseuse to kick-start wearing their underwear and to undress you out of your clothes as the session progresses. Towels and sheets can work wonders for protecting your modesty! Slowly undressing throughout the massage does in fact build the sexual tension and intensifies the pleasure – ooooo how sensual.

“Happy ending is just about achieving orgasm”

Although of course, orgasm is always welcomed during a happy ending – it’s not the sole purpose of the seductive bodywork. As well as fulfilling their sexual desires, many men opt for happy ending for the copious health benefits. Some of these being stress relief, ache and pain relief as well as boosted sleep. Many scientists have proven happy ending to be essential for health maintenance.

Take the plunge and book happy ending

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