How A Happy Ending Massage Will Help You Shift That Extra Christmas Weight

How A Happy Ending Massage Will Help You Shift That Extra Christmas Weight

The Christmas season, the end of the year, the last lap of a long year and how do we as a nation choose to mark the end of another sun cycle? – By indulging ourselves with food, drink and celebration. Now I’m not saying we ought to curb this tradition of shared gluttony, far from it. I myself am partial to a buffet or two! That being said I also believe January, the start of the New Year, is the unavoidable hangover of this party season. This January hangover is the motivation, or guilt that spurs people on, to make positive changes in their life. Classic examples of this would be signing up to the local gym, start running, cut carbs, diet plans and getting a facial.

When looking closely at the traditional cycle, one can’t help but feel the whole system is set up to fail. Why do we think overeating, excessive drinking and shutting ourselves indoors with minimal exercise in the last month of the year means that turn the calendar one page and we expect we can live a completely different path! We’re not a culture of doing this in baby steps that’s for sure! It’s all or nothing right?

Well, this year I propose you don’t get yourself in a tiz trying to train for a triathlon a month after you gave up your minimal exercise in favour of cosy nights in front of the telly. Setting unrealistic targets won’t get you anywhere and you’ll find yourself at the end of January with low self-worth and a hefty dose of failure. Instead of that, I propose to you an alternative; instead of setting challenging goals of self-improvement why not treat your body and mind to a month of self-growth and care.

Is our happy ending massage in London service the answer?

One of the most neglected aspects of self-improvement which adults in the UK fail to work on is that of sexual practices. A healthy sex life can improve everything from your metabolism to your mood to the fervour of your complexion. Statistically, an active sex life can also put years on your life, with many of our oldest citizens claiming regular sex as a key to their lives longevity. Many people find that their sex lives are in decline when they do not develop or expand their sexual practices. When sex becomes routine and unimaginative one can expect to find their libido is much lower, this, in turn, will cause them to have less sex and thus their sex lives become increasingly more and more inconsistent and irregular.

One way to avoid falling off the cliff towards sexual enlightenment is to listen to your body and learn to understand it; which is why I implore you to explore the wonder of erotic massage. Specifically, I want to talk to you today about a happy ending massage.

Happy ending massage can be beneficial in a magnitude of ways. The massage style focuses on the technical detail of male masturbation. Essentially a happy ending means hand relief, but this won’t be the kind of fumbling awkward handjobs you received as an adolescent, you will be receiving treatment by a sexual expert – someone who knows the male pleasure points, can listen to the male body and gift you with the opportunity of self-discovery. Learning what makes your body tick in a professional and private manner is a truly excellent way to start the year.

Aside from the obvious pleasure element to this massage service, it is also vastly beneficial for anyone experiencing levels of stress and exhaustion. There is a very calming and soothing nature to the happy ending massage that leaves clients feeling revitalised and fresh post – massage. It is not uncommon for you to feel full of energy afterwards which considering the amount of calories you burn during the session it really is a bit of magic.

The amount of calories burned during a happy ending massage is equivocal to twenty minutes on a treadmill, twenty minutes on a rowing machine as well as 15 minutes of weight training. Considering this why not book yourself in to try our happy ending massage London service this January? Ignore the adverts and promotions telling you to buy a juicer, join the gym on a 12-month membership and get a mud bath. What will really help you start the year on the right track and actually help you shed the pounds and improve your outlook is by getting yourself down to our best happy ending in London and having a having some fun.

Ensure your 2019 ends happily with regular happy endings. Improve your body, mind and energy levels with a pleasurable massage today.


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