The Top 5 Health Benefits Of Getting An Erotic Massage That You Might Not Know About

The Top 5 Health Benefits Of Getting An Erotic Massage That You Might Not Know About

Getting an erotic massage is a sure way to improve your general well-being as well as treating yourself to a pleasurable experience. However many people who have never been for an erotic massage have no idea about the numerous benefits to your health that getting an erotic massage can bring. In the Western world, erotic massages are fundamentally associated with sexual gratification; this is perhaps due to how erotic massages have been marketed in the UK and US. However, in the countries where erotic massage originated, China, Thailand, Japan and India, getting an erotic massage is associated far more with maintaining a healthy body and mind. The population in China get erotic massages for its medicinal benefits as frequently as a person in the Western world would consider visiting a therapist or hairdresser.

Getting your hair done can improve your general confidence and make you feel better about yourself, giving you a more positive outlook in life. Going to see a therapist could be considered a positive way of maintaining a healthy mind and working on your own personal issues. In the West, both of these activities are normalised, the same with erotic massages in the East. If you live in Asia you will know how commonplace getting an erotic massage for the health benefits can be.

Here you will find a comprehensive list of five top health benefits you can expect from getting an erotic massage… some of them might surprise you.


1. Erotic massages get rid of stress and make you feel happy!

Getting an erotic massage will reduce the amount of Cortisol in your body, Cortisol is the stress hormone, through specifically targeting areas of the body that collect stress, the masseuse is able to relieve muscles from tension and elevate stress. The added side effect of this is that by experiencing blissful pleasure from the massage your body will naturally release more serotonin moving in and replacing the cortisol that has been weighing you down and making you feel negative. By the end of an erotic massage your body will be full of Serotonin and you will feel visibly happier and lighter. People struggle to acknowledge that emotional response is dictated by the chemical balance of the brain, hormone chemicals like cortisol and serotonin in excess can reshuffle how you think and feel. An erotic massage is an excellent way to get the balance right, keeping your emotions in check.


2. Erotic massages increase libido, sexual appetite, stamina AND performance…

If you’ve found that your sex drive has decreased, it could be that your sexual energy has been shut away, like any good toy, if you don’t play with it for long enough when you pick it up again, knock off the dust; it’s likely it’ll need its batteries replacing…the same goes for an inactive sex life- if you suppress sexual urges for long enough they stop being urges, rubbish right? But getting an erotic massage can get you back on track. An erotic massage can re-awaken your sex drive, meaning that you can be confident that next time you will perform. Erotic masseuses are sex experts, they understand how the body works and what measure of strokes, and fast slow, hard etc. can intensify pleasure for their client. If you suffer from impotence, an erotic massage is an excellent alternative to therapy. The same can be said for anyone who suffers from early ejaculation; an erotic masseuse can employ special hedging techniques to prevent ejaculation and build stamina- improving your long-term sexual performance.


3. Lowers blood pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, getting an erotic massage could be the best thing you can do- it could even save your life. Many people suffer from high blood pressure and don’t even realise. If you have spent your life enjoying red meats, wine, cigarettes and cheeses it is likely you have high blood pressure. High blood pressure, untreated, can cause strokes, heart attacks and diabetes. Many people live long and healthy lives with high blood pressure by managing it carefully. One of the main issues for high blood pressure suffers is stress. Stress can be a leading cause of high blood pressure and the condition can get considerably worse through stress. A massage is stress-relief, an activity to counterbalance the stress of your life and the concern of high blood pressure. To prevent going to an early grave, check yourself in for an erotic massage.


4. Eliminates migraines and headaches

If you are a sufferer of headaches or migraines, getting an erotic massage could be the fast track cure you have been looking for. Rather than going to a see a doctor multiple times with little effective relief available many people are now turning to massage as an alternative route. During an erotic massage your masseuse puts you into a state of blissful consciousness, you will not think of anything but your pleasure. During an erotic massage you will be building up to a state of ecstasy that will release into an intensely pleasurable orgasm. It is at this point of orgasm that many people describe feeling their headaches and migraines melt away- like steam out of your eyes, some say.

5. Improves muscle tensions, cramps and flexibility

Getting an erotic massage will also improve muscle strain and any tensions built up under the skin. The masseuse will expertly massage your entire body from head to toe- improving blood flow, and warming muscles, to encourage muscles to relax and ease up. During the massage the masseuse will also tackle areas that have seized up in the body, removing cramps and tension. One of the most common things people notice after getting an erotic massage is how much lighter they feel. By stretching out the body and massaging the muscles, you will find your body is much more flexible and limber. But do not throw caution to the wind and take up gymnastics after leaving the parlour- it is advised that you rest up and do not over strain you post-massage (as the muscle tissue requires time to rest.)

So there you have it, 5 health benefits of getting an asian erotic massage london and 5 reasons to sell the idea to your missus!

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