Outcall Erotic Massage – FAQ’s

Outcall Erotic Massage – FAQ’s

Interested in getting an outcall Erotic massage but don’t know the ins and outs of it? No problem, that’s where we are here to help. Getting an erotic massage London can be a once in a lifetime experience, but it’s important to work out if it’s ‘for you’ before you fork out the cash. Here’s everything you need to know:

What is Erotic Massage?

This is a full-body massage which incorporates special massage techniques with sexual stimulation. Both masseuse and client are usually naked which is designed to stimulate arousal levels. This is a very sensual and slow style of massage that has been derived from the ancient Art of Tantra. Like most Tantric massages, an erotic massage is designed to reconnect the mind, body and slow and is, therefore, a very spiritual experience as well as being very pleasurable.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of getting an outcall erotic massage. First of all, they are great for your physical health because they force clients into pure relaxation. Relaxation helps to reduce the feeling of anxiety, stress and depression which is directly linked to the functioning or organs, blood pressure and breathing. Relaxation reverses the negative effects that these can have on the body. As well as this, experiencing an orgasm is also known to have positive effects on the body. Experiencing pleasure like this is actually known to increase the life span of a person. But more importantly, they just feel amazing!

Do I have to buy any equipment for the massage?

No, your masseuse will provide everything that is needed for the massage, however, you will be expected to prepare. Because these massages involve a great deal of body to body contact, your masseuse will expect you to thoroughly shower and groom yourself at least 30 minutes to avoid a session. If she thinks you have failed to do this, she will either make you shower or refuse to perform the massage.

Will the masseuse touch my penis?

Yes, this is usually the case during a Happy Ending massage. Most outcall erotic massages involve some kind of sexual play, but this isn’t predominantly what the massage is about. Although most clients do climax, masseuse show you to unlock pleasure from all over your body, not just the intimate areas. Then again, if there’s anything you feel uncomfortable with; your masseuse will stop at your command.

Is an Outcall Erotic Massage expensive?

Yes, they can be, but it all depends on which salon you go through and which masseuse you select. For a London outcall erotic massage service, the average price for a Happy ending massage would normally be between £120- £170per hour. Prices will vary dependant on the skill of the masseuse or the customer base of a salon. However, just be sure to read plenty of reviews before you book your session. You read more about our Asian erotic massage London experience.



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