A Day In The Life Of An Erotic Masseuse

A Day In The Life Of An Erotic Masseuse

We care about the needs and desires of our customers and it is always amazing to hear feedback from our customers, whether that be good or bad. We constantly want to improve our services to give you the best possible erotic massage experience in London. Although we are aware that hearing client feedback is great for other customers to get an idea of the services we provide and how they are done, we thought it would be good for you to hear some feedback from our massage therapists.

We had a chat with three of our most popular masseuses to find out everything they have to say about our erotic massage services, such as which therapy our clients ask for the most and why they enjoy being an erotic masseuse so much.

What did our Asian masseuses have to say?

Anna – “Being an erotic masseuse has always been a profession that I knew I wanted to work in. Most of the women in my family have a background in therapeutic massage therapy; therefore from a young age, I began to learn a lot about what massages can do for the body, mind and soul. When I studied massage therapy at an elite school in Beijing I also discovered what erotic massage was, and I found that I really enjoyed it. After studying and working hard in China for a couple of years, I was offered the chance to come to the U.K to please and pleasure the lovely men of London and it was an offer I was extremely happy about. My favourite erotic massage to perform is probably a full service massage because it is enjoyable for both the client and the masseuse. I always begin by performing a full naked, body to body massage on the client, working on any areas where they have muscle pain or tension. I usually focus on areas such as their neck, shoulders, upper and lower back as well as their thighs and calves. This sets their body into a state of relaxation and naturally, when they feel calm physically, this has the same effect on their mind too. Erotic massage is all about making the client feel the best they possibly can and bringing them intense levels of pleasure that they have never experienced before. You have to focus on them and it is very important to find out what works for your client. I pay attention to their breathing and how their body moves when I do certain things and this communication is essential in erotic massage London. I want to give each of my customers a unique and individual session that is tailored to their sexual needs and desires.”

Poppy – “Being an erotic massage therapist is a very rewarding job. Although it can be tiring constantly putting the needs of someone else ahead of yours, it is always worth it when you see how much they are enjoying themselves. My favourite erotic massage to perform and probably the most frequently chosen one by my clients is Nuru Massage. This is a unique massage style originated in Japan and has taken the U.K by storm in the last decade. Using special Nuru gel made from natural extracts and Nori seaweed, I apply it to the customer’s naked body before using my own naked body to slip and slide all over them. This close body to body contact is very arousing for the man and it is also a very intimate massage style which is something many of them enjoy. It takes a lot of training to perfect a Nuru massage as it is very specific and many men only want a genuine Japanese massage therapist to perform it. It is always a pleasure when men specially request me for the service because it means I have a professional reputation for performing the Nuru massage to a high standard.”

Daisy – “Although I am quite new to the erotic massage industry, I already know that this is a profession that I want to work hard in for many years. Not only is it a rewarding job, but it is also very enjoyable and you meet a lot of great people along the way. Although my initial training was in China, I have already worked in Japan, Amsterdam, Berlin and now I am very happy in London. My favourite erotic massage to perform is probably a lingam massage or a four hands massage. I always enjoy the sessions where the client gets to sit back and relax and let us masseuses work our magic on them.”

Where can I get an erotic massage?

If you would like to book an erotic massage, luckily for you we have many discreet massage parlours based in Central London. It is very simple to book an appointment with us and you can do so via SMS, email or phone call. Our masseuses are available for both incall and outcall visits, therefore if you would prefer the masseuse to visit you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room then we can make this happen.

Our girls have been trained to the highest of levels and all work in a very professional manner. They come from Japan, China and Korea and we always ensure that you have an authentic Asian massage session when you book with us. Our clients’ needs come first and we want to provide you with the best possible erotic massage service we can.


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