How To Get The Best Asian Erotic Massage Near Gatwick Airport

How To Get The Best Asian Erotic Massage Near Gatwick Airport

Whether you’re a stressed-out businessman who’s in town for a conference or a weary tourist who’s exhausted from their travels, an erotic massage is something you need to try. An erotic massage is the perfect outlet for all that stress that’s built up from your business pitch preparations/planning your hitchhiking trip/sprinting across the airport at full pelt because you thought you were going to miss your flight. An erotic massage is a perfect thing to accompany you while you rest your weary head for the night.

What is an erotic massage?

An erotic massage is a special kind of massage therapy that stimulates your whole body, your sexual areas included as a way of releasing pent-up tension. Erotic massage is based on the theory that the body is made up of a number of vital energies (also known as Qi). These energies are meant to flow through the body, promoting health and balancing the mind, but when they become blocked, they can cause stress, tension and even problems such as insomnia and digestive issues. Massage therapy can help rebalance the Qi, but it’s often short-lived because most therapies don’t actually focus on the whole body. Standard massages like Swedish and shiatsu are effective in that they target the deep tissues in areas that hold the most stress (like the shoulders and back), but they don’t work on the sexual areas.

We underestimate the power that sexual tension and frustration can have on our moods. A lack of or an unfulfilling sex life can leave us stressed and often we don’t know why, which makes it difficult to treat. Standard massage therapy might relieve some of this stress, but it quickly returns because the sexual tension isn’t released. Asian Erotic massages work to release this sexual stress, as well as general stress from all over the body. The effects of an erotic massage are much longer-lasting – people are left satisfied, fulfilled and motivated to succeed.

Where to stay near Gatwick Airport

If you’re treating yourself to an erotic massage, don’t hold back and get it in a family inn. Splash out and book yourself into a luxury hotel – one with premium facilities and room service to ensure your mind is totally focused on the pleasure of the massage.

The Courtyard London by Marriott

It might be a moderately priced four star hotel, but the Courtyard is no humble abode. It’s the perfect balance of sophisticated elegance and ease as it’s within walking distance of Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal. The Casterbridge Grill, the hotel’s onsite restaurant, serves a range of delicious meals made from locally sourced ingredients to ensure you’ve got energy for the massage or you can order from room service.

All the rooms feature either a double bed (family rooms) or a king size bed (guest or junior suite), which ensures plenty of room for the erotic massage to take place. You can start the session off with a shower to relax your muscles and help you bond with the masseuse. You could even take a bath with her and let her give you an erotic soapy massage, which is a specialty in Japan. This could be a great way to start off a nuru massage or a body to body massage, which is a special type of erotic massage which involves the masseuse lying on top of you and sensually rubbing her naked body against yours.

The Hilton

The Hilton may be a chain hotel but it’s definitely not ordinary or basic despite its moderate prices. It presents affordable luxury in a four star package. And it’s convenient because it’s the only hotel that’s attached to Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal so you don’t have to worry about travel time and you can let your erotic massage go on late into the night.

You can choose to stay in a guest room or upgrade to a suite or executive room if you truly want to splash out. Featuring room service and minibar to ensure you and your masseuse have enough energy for the erotic session, the suites and executive rooms are well worth it. The King Hilton suite is the crème de la crème, as it includes a whirlpool bathroom and walk-in shower, so you and the masseuse can bathe luxuriously in each other’s company.

The Hilton Serenity beds are luxuriously plush, featuring extra coil support and an innovative quilt design that reduces nighttime restlessness. And it’s not just sleeping that they’ll help with – they are wide enough for a variety of erotic massages including nuru and body to body. They are comfortable enough to keep you relaxed during a tantric or lingam massage.


For the ultimate premium experience, the Sofitel is a no brainer. As an award-winning luxury hotel with locations all over the world, it tops the list of all four star establishments in the London Gatwick area and they also have a hotel at Heathrow airport. It’s directly connected to the airport’s North Terminal so you can step off the plane, out of the airport and straight to your hotel room where your erotic masseuse will be waiting.

You can treat your masseuse to award-winning French, oriental and traditional English cuisine at one of Sofitel’s three luxury eateries or could grab a quick drink at the two sophisticated bars.

After a long day of meetings and travelling, you deserve a bit of indulgence. Every room at the Sofitel is fully equipped with a plush queen-size bed (there’s also the option of twin beds, but a double is much more fun), which is perfect for some erotic massage activity. You can sink into the lavish pillows while your Asian masseuse treats you to a wondrous lingam massage or relax as you enjoy a sensual tantric session. Or if you want to go all out, you can even try a prostate massage for the ultimate tension-releasing pleasure.

Some last-minute tips

• Be polite to your masseuse. Never treat her like a prostitute, even if you may be feeling a little like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman as you stand there in your luxury hotel suite.
• Respect the massage. Whatever you may think, Asian erotic massage is an art – it’s not just sexual activity. The therapists have trained meticulously for years to master the art of balancing sexual satisfaction with mental tranquillity.
• Always tip generously. If you thoroughly enjoyed her skills, show your appreciation and give her a generous tip. Plus, you’re staying in a glorious setting, so being stingy won’t cut it.

It’s always advisable to follow these simple steps however if you are unsure of massage etiquette or the do’s and don’t we suggest you read this post which will explain further what’s expected from you as a customer and your chosen masseuse.

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