How To Perform The Perfect Erotic Massage

How To Perform The Perfect Erotic Massage

Learning how to give an erotic massage is easily done, but it requires plenty of dedication and preparation. You can incorporate it into foreplay, or even plan your night around giving your other half the special treatment. As well as feeling great, giving and receiving an erotic massage can help to re-build a connection between you and your partner. Perhaps you’ve lost the spark, or maybe you just want to experiment with something a little more taboo- either way, you don’t even need a reason to experience the delights of a sensual erotic massage, so give it a go.

Set the scene

Before laying a finger on your partner, you need to make sure you’ve set the scene accordingly. You don’t want to begin your massage without preparing because let’s face it; it’ll kill the mood if you keep leaving the room. Try setting up the bed or floor space with scatter pillows, and lighting the room using only scented candles. The serenity of the room will relay into the tone of your massage, so it’s important to make your setting as relaxing as possible.

Have your tools ready

Once the massage has begun, you’ll need to maintain contact with your partner’s body throughout the session. Warm the oil according to the instructions on the bottle, and keep it within close reach throughout (you’ll be using it plenty, trust me). As well as this, don’t forget to purchase some fresh, cotton towels. Although most of the lotion or oil will soak into your partner’s skin, there will still be spillages- and I doubt you’ll want to lick it all off you partner, if you get what I mean….

Massage technique

This is one of the main massage techniques in japan and is pretty easy to learn. It is designed to relieve knots from muscles by massaging specific points using the thumbs.

This is as straight forward as it sounds. All you need to do is target an area of the body and drag your hands back and forth.

This is another common technique that is relatively easy to perform. It is designed to increase blood flow and loosen the muscles- all of which increase and improve the function of the organs. All you need to do it place one hand on top of the other and rotate slowly and your chosen area. This is a great technique to use if you want to warm your partner up for a deeper tissue massage.

This is an advanced technique, but we are sure you can get the hang of it! This technique is primarily designed for the hands and feet but can be seriously relaxing. Simply grab the hands of feet and use your thumb to massage up and down. It’s that simple.

Head massage
If you really want to relax your partner, give him/her a head massage. This can be performed whilst your partner is lay on their back or stomach and is a great starting point if your significant other is a little nervous. Using the tips of your fingers, run your hands through their hair and gently massage the scalp. Mix up the technique by using your thumbs to massage the temples and forehead and incorporate a little erotica by kissing their ears and neck. This is will get their arousal levels bubbling.

Buttocks massage
The buttocks, one of the erogenous locations on the body, are seriously erotic; and are the perfect area of the body to heat things up. Using the palms of your hands, begin by performing circular movements which should become stronger as time goes on. Mimic this movement and then use your forearms to rub up against the buttocks. Hard bone on soft tissue and soft tissue on hard bone is a useful technique to remember!

Last-minute tips
The main thing to remember when performing an erotic massage is that it should always remain slow and sensual. Erotic massages are designed to awaken the sexual energies within the body, and this can only be done so using gradual, intimate techniques. More than likely, you’ll need a couple of attempts before you perfect this style- but that’s to be expected and welcomed. Only you and your partner know what you like, so experiment with different techniques, different positions and different methods. Practice makes perfect, so what are you waiting for?

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