Why You Should Always Go Full Service

Why You Should Always Go Full Service

Opting for full service is not something that you’ll regret. Opting for an extra-large meal in McDonald’s and having to poke a new hole in your belt buckle; that’s something you’ll regret. Going absolutely wild at the pick and mix counter at the cinema and realising you’ve spent £18 on stale midget gems and pear drops; that’s something you’ll regret. Getting carried away in the casino and blowing your months wages, that’s going to hurt in the morning. Having a sensual, steaming hot naked body to body massage with a beautiful oriental goddess and not going the whole way? That will keep you up at night. There are some things we will grow to regret; always getting full service with your erotic massage isn’t one of them.

What is full service?

Full service is the complete erotic massage package. By going for full service you are signing yourself for an hour of passion. With full service you get a body to body massage of your choice; from lingam to Nuru, tantric to prostate, four hands to sensual etc… WITH hand relief, oral and sexual intercourse.

Now some of you will be sitting there thinking- ‘That all sounds well and good why would I need convincing further?’ – And to those people, I pat you on the back and say ‘I know right??’  But there are some folk out there who do need reassuring. The erotic massage industry has come under fire over the years and gained perhaps not the best of reputations. You might have concerns about the safety of the masseuses, whether they’re trafficked etc. Or you might feel apprehensive about sticking it somewhere that you aren’t 100% certain is safe… I totally understand all of these concerns, believe me, they’re not irrational. It’s important to give a damn about the welfare of the girls and to be clued up about the dangers of STD’s. But what I will say, that counteracts your fears is that all masseuses that work at refutable Asian massage parlours are not trafficked and do work at their own free will. And as far as contracting STD’S, these girls aren’t stupid; for the most part, the masseuses in Asian parlours in London work as masseuses for a couple of years and then move home to start businesses, university courses etc. None of these women want to contract anything and so it is a strict rule that condoms must always be worn.

An erotic massage with full service is nothing like having sex with a prostitute in a brothel. Comparing the two would be like saying a five star spa with steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi is the same as going for a swim in the local government funded swimming baths with squawking kids at every turn, and lifeguards not old enough to tie their shoelaces.

The benefits of this type of massage

Having intercourse with a prostitute can be extremely none-intimate.  With an erotic massage, the entire session is about building an intimate relationship with each other. It’s a journey into growing within. Connecting through the erotic practices of tantra and other eastern traditions brings you naturally close to your own sense of self and that of your masseuse. Getting the full service package is the ultimate celebration of this union. You are not just having intercourse, you are melding your bodies that at this point will be alive with sexual energy and tantric power, this is not regular intercourse; this is a celebration of sex and pleasure.

By opting for full service you are allowing your body the chance to perform. During your massage the masseuse will in a sense charge your body; giving you a new found energy and vigour. Sex is seen differently in the East, it’s about pleasure and sensation, and it’s about passion and nothing else. Finishing your massage session with intercourse is the equivalent of having dessert with dinner – it’s not necessary but you’re sure glad you did.

There are other reasons full service is a good idea when getting an erotic massage. Frankly, if it’s been a while since you had intercourse the whole idea of it can cause a great deal of stress. Meeting new potential partners can be more difficult when we do not feel sexually confident and liberated. This mental stress we put ourselves under in these situations can negatively affect how we come across and mean that we do not present ourselves in the best way. By getting an erotic massage and allowing yourselves to be touched intimately by another person you are already breaking down these barriers, losing the hold previous partners or past relationships have on you. Getting full service really does help you get over your ex as sex becomes yours again, outside of them.  Many clients who get full service, experience a complete enlightenment. The erotic massage with full service reignites their sexual energy and allows them the opportunity to re-discover their sexual agency. By getting full service you grow in confidence and develop a sexual prowess that will put you in good stead for future relationships and sexual encounters.

Of course, full service won’t be for everyone, but if the only thing stopping you is a fear of the unknown, nerves getting the better of you etc. then don’t let that hold you back. Just go for it, dive in… you won’t regret it. We offer an amazing Full Service Massage London you can call us at 07920426076. To find out more

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