Ditch Dating In London – Get A Full Service Massage!

Ditch Dating In London – Get A Full Service Massage!

The world of dating can be an apprehensive, exhausting and a daunting experience. However, dating in a city as big as London is a whole other ball game.

Sure, there are plenty of dating apps and an abundance of people to choose from, but if you are the kind of person who tends to let fate do its thing, then this might prove difficult. London is fast paced and busy and so are the people who inhabit it. It is great that you’d rather meet someone organically rather than swiping right to them on Tinder, but the reality is that any potential suitors will probably rush by you in a hurry to catch the Victoria line as opposed to the cute way couples meet in the movies.

In a recent survey, Tinder users in London stated that although there are many singletons in the city, they find it harder to get a match and conversations burn out quicker. My inkling is that perhaps this is due to too many people being available to use at the click of a button; therefore we are always swiping in the hope to find something better.

London’s harsh dating scene combined with my not so fondness of dating apps has led me to another alternative – erotic massage therapy. As a young, single man who would rather commit my time to work on myself and my career, a full-time relationship is not on the cards for me over the next few years. With that being said, I am only human and that means like most people I crave intimate human interaction. Erotic massage therapy provides me with mental and physical fulfilment, while also enabling me to have a date-free, hassle-free life.

Why a full service massage is a better alternative to dating

For those of you who may not be familiar with the lingo of erotic massage therapy, a full service massage is basically a full body to body massage with hand relief, oral and intercourse, performed while both the customer and masseuse are fully naked… I’m sure it is probably quite obvious as to why this is such a popular massage choice amongst clients.

One great thing about London is how varied and diverse it is, and with that comes a large volume of Asian erotic massage parlours in almost every area of the city. Luckily I found VIP Outcall Massage London quite early on when I first moved to this bustling city, and it has certainly saved me from swiping through Tinder and Bumble on a Friday night.

Here are some of the reasons I ditched dating and started to use our full service massage central london services instead…

  • Helps with anxiety dating can be fun and exciting, however, it also comes with a lot of pressure and stress. You worry about whether you look okay, if you said the right things or if your date will text you back. However, with erotic massage therapy you know there are no expectations from the masseuse and you know what to expect from a session because you choose specifically what you want. Full service massage therapy enables you to be in control of how things go which reduces your anxiety and gives you the key to being in charge.
  • Physical gratification It is no surprise that full service massages are highly pleasurable, due to their sexual twist. The masseuse uses her hands and body to caress, rub and stroke any areas of your body that might be experiencing muscle pain or tension, before moving on to your intimate areas to provide you with orgasmic relief. When you are dating you never know if someone will be good in bed or not, whereas getting a full service massage with a professional masseuse will guarantee you 100% satisfaction.
  • More productive Many of us do not have time for a relationship but also want sexual or intimate company regularly, however finding a “no strings attached” set-up usually proves difficult because somebody always gets feelings. Having a full service massage means that you and the masseuse have a therapist to customer relationship and as soon as the session is over you are free to leave the parlour without any hassle, or having to think of a text to send. Having regular full service massages means you can be more productive with your time, rather than wasting your evening going for a few drinks with a girl in the hope that you might get some action. You can easily fit a massage into your schedule and come and go as you please.
  • Easy to arrange Dating can be a whole lot of hassle. You have to pick a time that suits you both, whether to go for drinks or out for dinner and what area of London to meet at. However, booking a full service massage is simple and easy. All you need to do is let us know what time you want to have your appointment, what masseuse you want, and we can book you in. You can also have outcall massage visits to your home or hotel room.

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