Times in your life you NEED a four hands massage


Times in your life you NEED a four hands massage

Ah four hands, the ultra-exotic, crème de la crème of erotic massages. Four hands is designed to whisk you away to a seventh heaven, while providing you with insane relaxation and stress relief. Let’s be honest, there’s no wrong time to treat yourself to four hands – but there are certain periods when it’s more


Why a 4 hands massage can help you get over your break-up

Break-ups are one of the hardest things to go through; especially if you are the party that has been broken up with. Rejection is never easy and it is especially hard when it is by someone who may have been a big part of your life and meant so much to you. Different people deal


The secrets of 4 hands

Why has a four hands massage become so popular? Four hands massage has taken the U.K by storm over the last number of years, with more clients keen to try it; there is a huge demand in London for this unique service. A four hands massage is much like a regular erotic massage apart from the


5 reasons why a 4 hands massage is a step above the rest

Getting an erotic massage is an excellent way to boost levels of serotonin in the body, increase blood circulation, improve muscle and joint pain and provide sexual gratification. There’s a host of different massage styles to choose from; Nuru, prostate, lingam, body to body… the list goes on. All these different massage styles have their


Why You Should Get a 4 Hands London Nuru Massage

London Nuru massage- ring a bell? It probably doesn't- and that’s understandable because not many people are lucky enough to have experienced one before. If not don't worry this post on why a nuru massage is the best for you, will enlighten you some more. however, if you’re one of the rare majorities to have

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Why A Naked Asian 4 Hands Massage Is so Special

A 4 Hands massage is a unique style of massage therapy. It’s an evolution of traditional massages. Instead of involving one therapist, a naked Asian four hands massage session involves two therapists - hence the ‘four hands’. Already it sounds interesting. But why is it one of the most effective ways of curing stress and


The Do’s Of a 4 Hands massage

This type of service involves two therapists simultaneously performing a powerful and choreographed massage all across your body whilst you lay back and relax. Classically, masseuses will mirror each other’s movements to unlock alternative sensations all across the body, sending waves of pleasure through every single client who is lucky enough to experience it. Combining


3 Top Tips When Preparing For a 4 Hands Massage

4 Hands massages- a gift to men given by God himself. Seriously, if you’ve never had one before, you’re missing out, but make sure read up on it first before you splash the cash. 4 Hands massages really can be the ultimate experience, but they can also be a disaster if you don’t follow by


7 Things to Know Before You Try an Erotic 4 Hands Massage!

What Is an Erotic Four Hands Massage? Have you ever heard of a 4 Hands massage? How about an erotic massage? Well, the first is a massage where two masseuses work on your body and the second is a massage that focuses on arousing the body. Now what do you think when you think of an

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What Is a Four Hands massage?

A four-handed massage, also known as 4 Hands, is a type of massage therapy that comprises of two therapists working in synchronised motion with each other. The masseuses will simultaneously stimulate the body, creating a choreographed massage. There are different styles of massage to choose from and the majority of spas and parlours explain the